Distance Accredited Programs

School of Sacred Healing Light is on-line distance learning school  accredited by the World Metaphysical Association and the American Council of Holistic Healers
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What this means is that I am accredited by these associations.  I certify you for any of the below programs that you choose to take upon completion of them and issue you a certificate by me as the teacher of them.  If you wish to be accredited yourself, you can apply to these associations or others for accreditation.

Below are programs that I wrote myself and added other attunement courses to for some of them for complete programs to become certified in.  You are certified to give sessions and healings for example as an Angel Healing Practitioner, or Animal Healing Practitioner, or Energy Healing Practitioner, and more.

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These are all distance programs that you can work through at your own pace.  I offer unlimited support with all programs you purchase.  Click for more details on individual programs offered below:


“Suzanne’s courses have made a dramatic difference in my life.  I now teach Reiki, and am learning Theta.  I have developed a strong relationship with AA Michael, and am channeling many Reiki symbols to help heal animals.  I have learned how to manifest abundance and prosperity in all aspects of my life. Suzanne is a caring, professional healer and teacher who can be trusted to provide the best possible help for anyone ready to change his or her life.”
Jackie R., Delaware, Reiki Master

“My experience taking courses, receiving attunements, and ThetaHealing sessions with Suzanne has been exceptional. Suzanne is compassionate, a great listener, and offers a supportive environment for learning, growing, and healing! If I had to choose one thing that stands out the most about her, it would be she is very responsive and timely when you reach out to her with questions or for support. She is a very wise and gifted teacher who has taught me to live life with ease, joy, and grace. Thank you, Suzanne, for being the caring and compassionate person that you truly are inside and out.”
Annie, Florida, USA