Angel Healing Program

“Suzanne, I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful experience this has been thus far with your angel therapy program! I have been enjoying your training and workbook very much! I have just loved all of the attunements with this and thank you so much for offering this wonderful course! I just wanted to say thank you!!”
In love and light,
Joanna M., Arizona, Reiki Master

This course will certify you to be an Angel Healing Practitioner. Upon completion of all attunements and assignments you will be sent a certificate over email suitable for framing certifying you as an angel healing practitioner. This course will give you a good variety of working with and healing with the angels and strengthen your connection with them.  The course includes the following things: (all manuals will be sent over email and attunements will be sent over distance via the chi ball method)

80 plus page manual written by me, which includes:

  • angel2xWhat are angels?
  • What are guardian angels?
  • Heirarchy of Angels
  • 4 Main Archangels and their attributes
  • Connecting with Angels
  • Angel invocations and meditations
  • Healing with Angels
  • Manifesting with Angels
  • Angel therapy and angel readings

There will be a couple of case studies, a small exam, and a short essay for assignments .

  • The courses Angelic Expressions and the course Angel Lightworker Program, which has 3 attunements to connect you with the angelic realms, archangels, and energies of the angels  are also part of the program (if by chance you have either of these 2 angel attunement courses already, you can exchange them for any other angel attunement course on my site)

“Suzanne, I am really opening up to the angels! Your angel therapy course is great! Thank you for offering these classes at a distance, there are not many instructors of this kind of work where I live. Your energy and content of materials is excellent, thank you! I want to thank you for all your help, I have really opened up spiritually, thanks to you!”
Sandy R., Wisconsin, Reiki Master

Price: $134.00angelic-expressions

Special for the month of May for this program is just $110.00!