Animal Healing Practitioner Program

suzanne dannThis program will prepare you for using energy work and alternative methods to working with animals.  There will be a 48 page manual sent to you electronically which includes:  animal communication, reiki healing with animals, gemstone healing with animals, flower essence healing with animals, animal guides and totems, animal wisdom, when animals pass.

There will be a short final exam with some questions and exercises for you to do with animals.

You will be certified as an Animal Healing Practitioner upon completion of this course and be sent a certificate by email suitable for framing.

This program also includes  the following attunement courses:
Spiritual Animal Healing Program by Linda Colibert, which is under distant courses, all other courses page

Animal Angels Reiki, also by Linda Colibert and on the all other distant courses page
Total price for this program is  $116.00