Advanced 3-Day Theta Class

Advanced Class includes:

This 3 day weekend workshop will further your developement as a Theta Healing ® Practitioner by introducing several new techniques to expand and enhance your abilities as a theta healer and clear negative beliefs even faster than before with hundreds and hudreds of new downloads you will receive, which will raise your consciousness with joy and ease. You will receive:

  • Hundreds and hundreds of downloads that will profoundly improve every aspect of your life
  • Change hundreds of beliefs all at once with downloads
  • Advanced tips, tricks, and techniques for improving your reading and alternative healing abilities
  • Open your psychic centers further
  • Get to the core of and transform fears, resentments, grudges, and rejections
  • Contact and communicate with your genetic ancestors and your higher self
  • Receive profound healings for your soul and heart directly from Source
  • Clear free floating memories from surgeries, emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse, war memories, or any other trauma
  • Advanced understanding of the 7 planes of existence and how to use them in healing and manifesting
  • Heal broken hearts
  • Heal and change broken souls
  • Bend time to what you want
  • Release fears, rejections, resentments, and regrets
  • Send love and protect the baby in the womb
  • Talk to your higher self
  • Do belief work on non-0rganic material
  • Practice digging for core beliefs
  • Advanced manifesting technique

This three day workshop format will be similar to the basic theta class, part lecture, part working as a group and part in pairs. From the Basic Class you learn the foundations of Theta Healing and with this advanced class you get to work with more detail on beliefs, feelings, the 7 planes and all of the downloads will change your life!  You will also receive Vianna’s new Advanced Theta Healing®  book and a smaller booklet for the class similar to the one you get in the Basic Class.

Pre-requisite for this class is the Basic Theta Healing® Class.

♦  Advanced 3-Day Theta Class – Pay in full $500


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