Basic 3-Day Theta Class

Basic Class includes:

  • How to connect with the Creator of All That Is and the Energy of the 7th plane to do readings and healings instead of using your own energy
  • How to use muscle testing on yourself and others to reveal subconscious beliefs
  • How to find, test, and change the unconscious beliefs that are often behind many illnesses and challenges in your life
  • How to transform your DNA and genetic predispositions, and activate all of your DNA strands and youth chromosones
  • Learn all about the 7 different planes of existance and what is on each plane
  • Manifesting, Visualizing, Psychic Senses, Chakras, Feeling Work
  • Future Readings, Guardian Angels, Soul Fragments, vows, Past Lives and much more!
  • You will have alot of practice in group settings and individually and in pairs throughout the class.
  • You will receive many teachings and downloads througout the class on love, joy, the Creator and many other things.
  • You will get to experience “feeling” work and may experience many feelings you haven’t yet, which is very powerful.
  • And most and best of all, you will heal your life, change your limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns and things you would like to change, and realize that anything is possible and anything can be healed and you can experience miracles in your life and help others to experience miracles in their’s also!

You will receive Vianna’s latest ThetaHealing® book, a smaller booklet that summarizes things, and a certificate as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner at the end of the class.

♦  Basic 3-Day Theta Class – Pay in full  $500


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