Planes of Existence (ELECTIVE)

This is my new favorite class!  Be among the first to take this new class.  From now until the end of the year Intuitive Anatomy is the pre-requisite.  After the first of the year the basic and advanced teachers classes will also be added to the preplanes-of-existrequisites for this class.  The reason is because Vianna gives a basic understanding of the planes in these classes and it will be of benefit to you before taking this class.

This class is about stepping into your true power of being a master on this planet. What did you come hear to learn?  What have you learned? What is your passion?  What is your divine timing?  This is the class that culminates all of the other ThetaHealing classes and books, looking in depth at all of the planes and how all of the planes heal and much more.

You will be taken to dimensions beyond the universe. You will know that it is possible to create new realities in this lifetime. We will look at the difference between the 3rd plane (which we are on) and the 5th plane (where we came from).  We will look at masters and children of the 5th plane. Virtues and laws will be discussed in detail. There are many fun exercises to do using all of the different planes.

Exercises and teachings include:

  • Thorough explanation of the 7 planes of existence
  • The source of creation and the structure of the planes
  • Thoughts and light thought forms
  • virtues of ascension, acquiring virtues, achieving abilities with virtues
  • principles of laws
  • meet an ancestor and bring forward virtues
  • sacred names
  • connect and share space with an animal and shape-shift
  • understanding of vortexes, portals, walk-ins, divine timing, death doors, fate changers, tones, bends in time
  • remember past lives and the future
  • learn languages of plants and trees
  • crystal layouts
  • meet beings and connect with energies from each of the planes
  • heal ancestors 7 generations forward and backwards

Vianna suggests reading the book “Flatlands” by Edwin Abbott before taking the class, to give an understanding of dimensions.  You will learn how to work with the laws, what special virtues are, the importance of high-vibrational thoughts, and how to feel comfortable with doing what you came here to do on this earth.

It is a wonderfully thought-provoking class, the exercises are fun, and I think it really helps you connect with your divine timing.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class!

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