Plant Communication Class (ELECTIVE)

This is a 1-day elective class.  Learn how to communicate and heal plants specifically with ThetaHealing®.  It will also open your eyes to the wonder of nature that is all around us everyday and how we are truly a part of all that is.

Plant-1-300x250Learn how to work with, heal, and communicate specifically with plants, trees, flowers. You will look at nature and the world around you differently after this class. Things discussed in this class are DNA, how to plant a garden, how to harvest plants, how and when to take herbs, how trees and plants communicate with us and with each other, nature spirits and fairies, minerals and the soil, what to do to change radiation in the soil. There are exercises to communicate with, scan, and heal several different kinds of plants.

You will see how everything on this planet is related and connected to each other.  We will discuss:plant-2

  • Mother and father trees
  • Fairies and nature spirits
  • Portals and vortexes
  • Assisting plants and trees to heal
  • Blessings foods and herbs
  • How to raise the vibrations of foods
  • And much more!

♦  Plant Communication Class – Pay in full  $250

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