Rhythm to a Perfect Weight Class (ELECTIVE)

Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® Rhythm To A Perfect Weight
1-day Practitioner’s Course

Find out what is blocking you from being your optimal weight! Remove your limiting beliefs and find your blocks which are hindering you from successful weight management. Learn how to drop pounds easily!

rhythmThis Brand New Weight Revolution Class directly addresses beliefs relating to strength and excess weight; why we hold on to it and how to release it.

Clear beliefs relating to over eating, self esteem, food, exercise, body image, fears of being slender, strong and beautiful.

Learn what supplements are ideal in releasing excess weight, building muscle and maintaining a balanced body.

Receive downloads that create a balanced body.

We will implement important practices that were vital in Vianna’s journey in releasing pounds and building muscle in the highest and best way.

♦ Rhythm to a Perfect Weight Class – Pay in full $150

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