Soul Mate Class (ELECTIVE)


soul-mate-classTheta Healing® Soulmate Class
Manifest Your Most Compatible Soul Mate!

2-day class  (Pre-requisites: advanced class)

Are you with your most compatible soulmate?  Would you like to be?  Shift limiting beliefs keeping your soul mate away…. and see first hand how powerful ThetaHealing® is and how you can incorporate it into your life to manifest the soul mate of your dreams.

Learn how to find that special person that you have been waiting for!

In this seminar…

  • Learn how to find and recognize your most compatible soul mate, and how to value yourself so that others value you.
  • Learn the differences between soul mates, twin flames,  and spiritual soul families.
  • Find out that you have more than one soul mate and how to draw that special person that is for your highest and best.
  • Learn about the influences, both internal and external that may be blocking you from that special person, and what a soul mate is and isn’t.

You will also learn:

  • Past relationships affect you today
  • A deeper understanding of love
  • What a soul mate is
  • How your words can block you

And how to deepen and renew your relationship, communication, and intimacy with your soulmate if you already have them in your life.

Learn the best way to manifest for your soul mate through the meditation and manifesting processes of ThetaHealing® and much, more!

In the 2nd day of Theta Healing Soulmate Class, you will work on clearing the limiting beliefs that keep you from finding your soulmate and receive many downloads on attracting your soulmate.  Also, part of the 2nd day soulmate class is:

  • Doing belief work with other ThetaHealing® Practitioners to find your blocks.
  • You will learn the art of getting what you want instead of what you don’t want.
  • To learn how to bring and magnetize to you your most compatible romantic Soul Mate.
  • To learn how to keep your relationship alive and all the love between you both alive and forever regenerating.
  • This seminar is about you learning what is holding you back and blocking you from being with your most compatible romantic Soul Mate.
  • This seminar will reveal to you, that part of you, that you may have hidden even from yourself.

♦  2-Day Soul Mate Class – Pay in full  $400

“Thank you again for your contribution to the whole experience I just had in Wisconsin with the Basic Theta Healing Class and Soulmate Class. It was all such an amazing experience for me and I am really grateful for the opportunity and for you, especially. :)”
Shannon M., Michigan

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