Theta Manifesting & Abundance Class

In this ThetaHealing® workshop you will learn to clear unhealthy beliefs and manifest abundance in your life on all levels. The pre-requisite is the Theta Basic and Advanced class above. If you are already a basic and advanced Theta Teacher, upon completion of this course, you will be instantly able to teach this class upon payment of $100.00 to Vianna’s Nature Path for the certificate and teaching manual. In this workshop you will receive a manifesting and abundance manual and meditaiton CD by Vianna.
This 2 day workshop covers the following:

  • Abundance course questionnaire: learn the 100 most important beliefs channeled from Creator to Vianna to isolate and clear your blocks. Learn where the beliefs are stored on the soul, core, history, or genetic level. This is fascinating information that will change your life!
  • Blocks: regrets, resentments, anger, lack of direction, complaining, learn your truest and deepest beleiefs that hold you back from manifesting abundance in your life. You see these blocks from the 7th plane.
  • Abundance list: setting intentions, divine, timing, boundaries, honesty, accountability, generosity, reputation, planning, remembering your future, house rules, and downloads.
  • And much more!

This class is mostly experiential with some discussion and lectures in between. You will be working with others to find out what limiting beliefs are holding you back in abundance and manifesting the life you want, and clear them for good on all levels.

♦  2-day Theta Manifesting & Abundance – Pay in full  $400  

-or- pay on 3 monthly installments:

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