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I have many new attunement courses listed below in Green, I listed the titles and I will add in the descriptions as I have time, you can order these at any time and get the buy one get one free….I will be updated this page frequently so please check back.

All of the courses on this page are $14.95, and all are buy 1 receive one for free!  You will receive a manual over email and a distant attunement via the chi ball method (I can send you a document on this if you don’t know what this is) and a certificate upon request.  Please use the one paypal button below for payment and let me know which course(s) that you would like, and which one for free on the paypal invoice or through email under contact me. Let me know if you have any questions!

Abundance and Prosperity Manifestation Empowerment
The concept of Abundance andProsperity Manifestation Empowerment is abundance comes from within, if for any reason you feel you don’t deserve unlimited abundance, this will be projected into your holographic reality  On the other hand you could have all the material abundance available and continue to feel like you lack something.  There is much more to abundance than material possessions and money.  Get rid of the beliefs, feelings, thought-forms, etc.  that are not letting you live in abundance and enjoy it.
Experience and discover the state of inner and outer abundnace.  Abundance Manifestation Empowerment will activate your DNA and auric field with the frequencies to attract and manifest the material abundance you desire.

Abundance and Success Empowerment by Linda Colibert
The Abundance and Success Empowerment Reiki attunement connects you to the higher frquency energies of Spirit that puts you in harmony with positive abundance and success.  This will help you clear any blocks to your abundance and success and it also works to draw positive abundance and success opportunities to you.  When you are in harmony with the vibration of abundance and success, you wil begin to draw in the things you need to be abundant and successful.

Abundance Flush 1 and 2, by Stephanie Brail, 2 attunements
The purpose of the abundance flush is to clear out negative thought forms and energies surrounding abundance and prosperity.  The abundance flush comes in 2 levels:  The first flush helps release the old negative energy.  The 2nd helps create a magnetic field around the individual to draw in more opportunities and prosperity.

Abundance Flush 3 and 4, by Stephanie Brail
2 attunements, 1 for each flush. This manual is a continuation from the Abundance Flushes 1 and 2.  These flushes can stand on their own (meaning, you do not need to be attuned to levels 1 and 2 to use them), but they are, of course, that much more powerful when taken in sequence aftrer the first two levels.  Abundance flush empowerments 3 and 4 provide additional refined energy to work on the subtle bodies.  The subtle bodies are the spiritual bodies that underly the physical body and form.
The important thing to understnad with these flush energies is simply that they work on the subtle level and at a higher vibration than the first two abundance flushes.  By working on the subtle energies, these flushes thelp to raise the vibration as a whole, thus allowing the expression of the soul’s purpose.

Abundance Flush Empowerments 5 and 6
Are the continuation of the Abundance Flush series. These flushes can stand on their own (meaning, you do not need to be attuned to levels 1 through 4 to use them), but they are, of course , that much more powerful when taken in sequence after the first two levels. Abundance Flush Empowerments 5 and 6 work to help provide stability and space in relation to abundance issues. Abundance Flush 5 works on stability and Abundance flush 6 works on space.

Abundance Medicine Mandala Empowerment, by Joanna Mullane
Joanna writes: These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Abundance Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Feel the blessings of Abundance within their life
* Know their material and spiritual needs are met
* Feel safe and secure
* To let in the flow of abundance and prosperity
* Re-affirm or remember their Divine life-purpose
* Be open to new opportunities in careers, relationships and business

Acceptance Flush, by Jay Burrell
Learn to love yourself just as you are! Self acceptance is loving yourself, accepting yourself and being happy with who you are. When you love and accept yourself as you are you come out of the closet you are hiding in. Acceptance Flush Empowerment will allow you to see yourself as the true spiritual being that you really are.

Advanced Healing Lightwork by Linda Colibert
Advanced Healing Lightwork connects you to Infinite Intelligence Source Energy for powerful healing. This system works to target specific illness, wounds, and disease using methods of healing that speed healing, and relieves pain. There are methods for shrinking, burning, and light healing in this manual. It works on specific areas that need healing, and there is also a method for general overall healing. You can use this energy on yourself, others, and animals. It is a powerful healing system that will help you with a more complete healing and speeds up the healing process.

Akashic Records Attunement
The Akashic Records is a repository of all human experience: a complete record of all events that have ever occurred, including the thoughts and feelings of every single individual throughout time. They are not physical books or scrolls, although many people see them as such when accessing them; rather the records are an energetic vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, and language which our minds can understand. This course provides simple techniques and scripts to enable you to access the akashic records for both yourself and others.

Amber Essence Attunement
Amber Essence works well to sensually entice, is calming to the mind, and helpful in preparing for meditation or contemplation. Amber, known as the “King of Scents”, helps one to let go of daily concerns and to enter the world of sensual arousal or spiritual elevation, depending on the intention. Either way, Amber Essence will assist you in entering an exalted realm where thoughts are suspended and time stands still. Amber Essence brings us to delight. Its irresistible fragrance helps to open the heart center and expand consciousness through a deepening of theta wave brain states.

Amethyst Fairy Orb, By Nicole Lanning
The fairies have a huge abundance of knowledge and wealth and healing that they can bestow on us. All of the gifts and help they give have been touched by their own magic, as well as this empowerment. Some of the uses for this empowerment are: abundance, prosperity, success, wisdom, understanding, love, healing on all levels, helping us to grow and develop, bringing happiness into our life.

Amethyst Flower Essence
The Amethyst Flower Essence helps one to forgive oneself and others, enhancing one’s understanding of the lessons which have been chosen for this visit to the physical realm. It assists in providing for clarity of communicaiton between the worlds, enhancing messages with clarity, simplicity, and precision, and allowing for a re-charging effect for all. An amethyst flower essence is excellent for activating contact and bridging the interval of frequency and distance.

Amazonite Energy Attunement
This is a short and concise three page manual attuning you to the energies of the stone Amazonite; some of which are: healing self worth, enchancing creative expression, heal and balance emotions, and inspire faith and hope.

Ancient Egyptian Energies
If you are interested in Ancient Egypt and its wisdom and teachings, you will find this course very powerful. The manual was written by Reiki Master Catherine Hand and the attunement procedure has been rewritten to make it easier to send. INTENTION is the key to all attunements. This is a course that basically attunes you to the following energies: the golden globe, the giza pyramid temple, the sacred cobra, isis blue moon, temple of isis, golden honey bee, sacred peacock, sacred jackal, sacred sphinx, heart of the desert, golden ankh, sacred cow.

Angel Light Initiation
The Initiation includes a preparation exercise, a simple Invocation method and 4 part attunement all sent at once.
The Third Eye Attunement-there are several variations of the third eye initiations which have been passed down in various beliefs, however, we will use the mandala which originated in easter religions. It is circular and represents the universe and wholeness. The mandala has been used by many to align themselves to the angels.
Upper Astral Crown Initiation-This seeks to fine-tune your alignment and open a clear channel to the angels, so that you can accept messages and healing directly.
The Heart Attunement-This seeks to open the heart chakra, which is essential in working with healing energy in any form. This initiation plants a seed and it is up to the individual to develop that energy through meditation and practice.
Angel Initiations-These initiations aim to connect you directly with a spiritual presence or a new guide/angel guide. This is the final attunement in the set and the most important. You are open and you are ready. These initiations are for channeling healing, receiving guidance and forming a connection to celestial beings. It is usual to feel waves of pure love and energy washing over you as the angels make themselves known.

Angel Medicine Mandala Empowerment by Joanna Mullane
Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandalayou are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Angel Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Experience and be open to receiving Divine Love
* To Sense the presence of Angels
* Provide Peace & Comfort
* Open the Heart Chakra allowing for trust to enter
* Open Throat Chakra to enable one to speak your truth
* Experience more faith in one’s life

Angelic Amber Essence Energy, Pre-requisite Reiki 2
The angelic amber essence energy will work: in general, this sunny energy is used to transmute negative energy. To cheer you up and help open you up to your divine blueprint. It is said to help draw sickness from the body and negativity from the emotional energy. Amber brings good luck. Soothing to the nerves and the spirit, as well as imparting a sense of protection, use amber to increase the strength of spells and to attract money. Added to the altar it will increase the strength of your magical spells.

Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy
An ethereal crystal attunement by founder Gabriela Yasmin Szafman, 8 pages.  The angelic amethyst essence energy will work:  to attract justice to a situation, protect against thieves and burglars, helps to increase psychic powers by opening the right brain, cuts through illusion, helps to enhance psychic abilities, helps you to relax, helps for a good night sleep, helps with change in your life and luck and success, and raises yoru spiritual level and more.

Angelic Aqua Aura Essence Energy
Metaphysically Agua Aura has the qualities of both quartz and gold.  Gold imparts a more assertive energy to the wearer and the blue color helps stimulate the throat chakra, improving communication abilities through speaking.
Aqua Aura is an outstanding tool for people wishing to increase their psychic skills and awareness.  It assists with meditation, telepathy, and psychic healing by bringing more intense energy to the effort.  It is particularly helpful for distance spiritual energy healing because of its ability to send energy.  Aqua Aura can enhance communications of all kinds.  It can also assist in conscious awareness of one’s own motivations and patterns.
It is said to protect against psychic attacks, it is a channel opener, and excellent for activating sluggish chakras and for smoothing the aura after a healing.

Angelic Citrine Energy Attunement
An ethereal crystal attunement by founder Gabriela Yasmin Szalman, 9 pages.  The angelic citrine essence energy will work:  citrine is known as a “success” stone because it promotes success and abundnace, especially in business and commerce.  It is one of the few stones that dissipates negative energy and never needs cleansing or clearing.  It emits a warm energy that promotes joy and looking forward to the future.  Energy is projective, element is fire.  Use to remove nightmares, protection, and psychic powers.

Angelic Lapis Lazuli Essence Energy
The stone works as a shield from psychic attack. It is used to relieve insomnia and let go of anxieties.  Lapis brings truthfulness, openness, inner power, intuition, creativity, virility, and manifestation.  It stengthens the mind and body as well as increasing awareness and spiritual connection/evolution.  It can help organize daily life as well as organizing and quieting a busy or restless mind.
Lapis is also a stone that protects from both physical and psychic attacks.  It is helpful for sinus ailments, headaches, nervous system, speeech problems, pituitary gland, and pain relief.  Healing properties:  lapis promotes clear understanding and intuition.  It helps balance the function of the thyroid gland while strengthening the neck and vocal cords.  Use it to soothe throats and all inflammation of the neck and head. It makes quite a powerful elixir to align the etheric, emotional,  and spiritual bodies.

Angelic Malachite Essence Energy
It allows us to touch our child within and to be reborn into the light.  It is soothing to the soul, and releases stress to help create new beginnings.  Malachite is great for increasing ones concentration skills and is quite beneficial to ones physical, as well as psychic vision.
Healing Properties:  Malachite promotes growth and builds up strength in many ways.  It is the stone of pregnant women, and additionally it is a successful remedy against heart pains and cardiac asthma.  The optic nerves in the eyes can be strengthened with daily bathing of the eyes in malachite water.  Malachite has wonderful healing properties, and because of the high copper content of the stone it has a very steady pulsing electromagnetic energy field.  This gemstone is told to absorb negative energy from the auric field elansing it, thus balancing the wearer  and protecting them from the effects of negative energies.  It can decrease one’s tendency to radiation illness, asthma, arthritis, and tumors.

Angelic Moonstone Essence Energy
Moonstone can foretell the future, bring good fortune, allows one to see the future.  Vibrates with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and full Moon.  It helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception and brings balance and harmony with the All.
Moonstone honors the Goddess in all women.  It aids in dieting, gardening, psychic awareness and meditation.  It soothes stress, anxiety, women’s hormones.  It enhances intuitive sensitivity via feelings and less overwhelmed by personal feelings.  Hewlps with greater flexibility and flow with life.
By unblocking the lymphatic system, it can heal and balance the somach, pancreas, and pituitary gland.  It can reduce swelling and excess body fluid.  Placed under the pillow it will allow for a more peaceful sleep, and is often used as a cure for insomnia, and used along with amethyst.

Angelic Senses
This is an 8 page manual that includes an inner guidance meditation to help you relax for the attunement, the first symbol is this system is to awaken your third eye, the second is to enhance your psychic ability to sense, the third is to enhance your sense of touch, the fourth to enhance your sense of sound, and the last, fifth symbol is for love and your heart chakra.  All these are sent in one distance attunement.

Angelic Sugilite Essence Energy
Sugilite is associated with working with Archangel Michael.  It helps in understanding negative circumstance by showing one what is happening, and how it is out of balance.  Sugilite assists in connecting the phyysical to the spiritual, it aids in understanding the spiritual reasons for the lessons we encounter, as well as bringing loving comfort from the Universe to accept the lessons for what they truly are.
The energy of this mineral flows from the crown to the base chakra, opening the chakras and providing a pathway for the movement of the Kundalini.  Helps one to forgive oneself and others, enhancing ones udnerstanding of the lessons which have been chosen for this visit to the physical realm.
Healing Properties:  protects against as well as dissipates anger and other negative energies whether from oneself or others.  It strengthens the heart, aids in physical healing, and reduces stress.  It is very full of energy and never needs to be charged, but should be discharged once a month amongst pieces of tumbled hematite.

Angelic Turquoise Essence Energy
Turquoise is associated with working with Archangel Sandalphon.  It will strengthen and align all of the chakras; and it can be used to cleanse your energy centers.  As a meditation tool, the gem can assist in clearin gyour mind, opening you to the universal All.  Use turquoise to attune to the spiritual plane or provide protection during vision quests or astral travel.  Native Americans believed the stone brought protection to a rider upon a horse, and great protection in general, espeically to turn away the evil eye.  Called the “sky stone” or “stone of heaven” by some Native Americans, the vibration of turquoise can build a spiritual bridge between worlds and give strong psychic powers to the bearer.  Turquoise is considered to be a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection.

Angelite Stone Energy Attunement
Angelite is a wonderful stone to promote a sense of calm, serentiy, and inner peace.  Most effective on the throat chakra, angelite helps in self expression communication, and allows us to speak our mind; helping us to become more assertive.  It stabilizes the emotional body and dispels fears, anger, and allows one to forgive.  It is an aid in connecting with the higher self and spirit guides.  It is also excellent for increasing telepathy abilites and helps to gain astral ability.

Angels of the Earth Animal Healing Reiki, by Linda Colibert
There are symbols in this system and the energies are of a very high vibration.  This system combines the divine earth energy and power of archangels to communicate with and heal animals.  It calls on archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel to intervene and lend their power to heal animals.  Divine Earth Energy is called forth to heal animals in body, mind, and spirit.  Your connection with this energy will heighten your telepathic and empathic abilities to both communicate with animals and heal animals.

Animal Empowerments
This is a 48 page manual that attunes you to the energies of the bat, dragonfly medicine, great horned owl, butterfly, dolphin breath initiation, spider medicine, jaguar initiation, dragon, and crow.  There is a detailed write up describing the energies of each animal, some meditations, and some visualizations.

Animal Path Healing
This manual is for those that want a closer walk with animals and those who already feel a strong connection to them.  It is a 12 page manual with three symbols that can be used for self healing, guidance, building a stronger connection to spirit, and distance healing.  There is a discussion of the symbol initiation and attunement process and also of the three symbols and what they mean, an animal healing meditation, and a brief discussion of different kinds of totems, such as clan totem, power totem, life theme totem, life mission totem lesson, totem and shadow totem.

Archangel Ariel
6 page manual by Elizabeth Hibel, description and information on this Archangel, characteristics of, life lessons, color, crystal, flower, chakra associated with and more.

Archangel Metatron
10 page wonderful manual by Elizabeth Hibel, description and information on this Archangel, beautiful pictures and symbols, virtues, elements, herbs, characteristics of, life lessons, color, crystal, flower, chakra associated with and much more.

Archangel Raphael
Wonderful 12 page manual by Elizabeth Hibel, very descriptive manual and beautiful healing meditation with Raphael, healing others and with Raphael’s energy, and more.

Archangel Sandalphon
5 page manual by Elizabeth Hibel with descriptions and attributes of this archangel.

Archangel Uriel
13 page manual by Elizabeth Hibel, very descriptive detailed account of this archangel, wonderful information of all this archangel helps with!

Archangel Zadkiel
11 page manual by Elizabeth Hibel, description and attributes, qualities, element, chakra, crystals, aromatherapy, herbs assoicated with.  A great channeling and message from this Archangel.

Archangel Uriel and Gabriel Inspiration by Linda Colibert
The Archangel Uriel and Gabriel Inspiration Empowerment attunement connects you to these two wonderful Archangels. Together they have stepped forward to help those who seem unable to focus their attention on creative solutions and art. So many people are feeling confused and unable to focus on higher goals or to see any of the beauty and wonders that awaits them in the future. This has happened because there is so much worry and stress going on in the lives of people on Earth right now. Even those who are writers, musicians, and painters are having trouble receiving their creative inspiration at times. This attunement is healing as well and opens up your crown chakra for divine inspiration. It helps to remove negative feelings and emotions that cause confusion and blockages so that the path is clear from the souce to your mind. This attunements helps you to once again receive the inspired beauty, love, healing, and wonder of creativity that creates not only art, but also solutions to issues and problems for the highest good.

Ascended Jasper Essence Energy
Jasper is associated with working with Lady Nada.  It can align all the chakras and balance yin yang energies; it is protective and combats exhaustion. Healing Properties:  When laid on therapeutically, red jasper stimulates fertility.  Red-brown jasper is particularly beneficial in the treatment of liver, spleen, and pancreas issues.

Ascended Masters Attunement
This set of 13 attunements to the ascended masters was brought to the earth plane by Ole Gabrielsen.  Everyone can call upon the ascended masters at any time, but these 13 attunements will bring the energies of the masters much closer to you allowing them to work in your etheric background.  The 17 page manual includes a description of each master:  Buddha, Sarat Kumara, Jesus, Abundentia, Maitreya, Mary, Kuan Yin, Merlin, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Moses, Padre Pio, and Serapis Bey.  It includes an attunement procedure for this system to pass on to others at the end.

Atlantean Crystal Activation, by Jay Burrell
The atlantean crystal activation is more of a spiritual and personal progression attunement that will help you on your spiritual journey and mankind’s ultimate ascension.  The purpose of this activation is to bring in the knowledge and energy that was and is stored into the main atlantean crystal which was kept in the great poseidon healing temple in atlantis.  This crystal is nothing like anything we have here on the earth. It holds all the ancient information that the atlanteans used.  This included levitation, telepathy, manifestation, transportation, by intent and most importantly it holds the key to earth’s ascension.  This is a 12 page manual and the first in a series, the 2nd is Crystal Skull Activation and the 3rd is Elemental Earth Star Empowerment.

Atlantean Crystal Angels
Crystals were the heart and the soul of Atlantis.  The atlanteans had a large crystal with unbelieveable power.  It held their entire knowledge and wisdom in its matrix.  Its light column was the so called ladder from the earth to the sky. When atlantis sunk, the knowledge was transferred to the crystals and their meaning lost.  The destruction of this master crystal has effects into our current time.  The atlanten karma is stored in the human psyche and can be transformed only if the soul remembers its divine nature.  The atlantean angels want to support us in our efforts to find the way back home again.  They want to bring their full love to us to help us ascend.  15 pages long.

Aura Flush Empowerment, by Stephanie Brail
The aura flush is a very gentle, cleansing energy that sweeps through the aura and clears it of negative energy and thought-forms.  Like the other flushes for the meridians and chakras, the aura flush is easy to use and activated by simple intention.  It works just as well in person or over distance.  It is an excellent compliment to reiki or any other energy healing system.

Aura Flush, by Nicole Lanning
The aura flush is a very simple method to clear out stuck energy from the seven aura layers.  It is inspired by chakra flush which works on the chakras and the meridian flushes which flushes the meridians.  The aura flush is easy to use and activated by simple intention.  It is a cleansing energy.  It clears the aura layers gently of old blocks and stuck energies. It allows new and positive light to enter in.  It is simple, easy to use and quick and effective.

Blackstar Sapphire Energy Attunement
Blackstar Sapphire with the energy of this stone is very useful for protection, it removes negative energy from the chakra it’s placed on, improving the mental and physical health of the individual.  It’s worn to ward off the “evil eye”, and to help one to rise to success in life despite obstacles.  It is also often used by those wishing to awaken their kundalini power.  The star that appears in the stone when kissed by light, represents the light of spirit into inner darkness.  This energy pagttern helps to ground and balance the individual, relieves stress and doubt, and allows one to trust in their intuition.

Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki
The break free deep clearing Reiki, by Linda Colibert, is a system that helps clear present and past life issues that may be blocking your abilities to move forward and follow your path.  Not only does our past in this lifetime influence our decisions and reactions to things, but also we often carry over negative thought patterns from past lives.  These need to be released and reviewed as information, without any emotional attachments.  Deep seated emotions cause us to form thought patterns and cling to things that are no longer helpful to us in the present.  The break free deep clearing reiki system, helps you to release things that are no longer for your highest good and servers the emotional attachments you may have to these negative thought forms.  There are 2 symbols.  One is for releasing negativity in the preswent, and the other is to help you release negative thought forms and emotional attachments to past life issues.

Ceremonial White Magic, Founder Catherine Hand
Ceremonial White Magic is purely a manifesting tool to better our selves, accelerate our learning, heighten spiritual growth, intensity healing, telepathy, and awaken the emergence of human consciousness through purificaiton.
The attunements clear the focal points of our macrocosmic and microcosmic etheric centers, in order that the meridians and nadis are cleansed.  Karmic patterns can be better understood, so we can move on and change, transforming old energy patterns, created by cellular past life memoires in a way that no longer hinders our life.
White magic an conly be used for the highest good of mankind and all living creatures.  It is for self development, spiritual progression in order to intensity healing, to change a situation and awaken our third eye activity.  You will receive the folliwng 5 attunements to this system over distance at once.  Level 1-attunement to the temple guaridan, level 2-attunement to the unifier goddess, level 3-attunement to the goddess of mercy and protection, level 4-attunement to the vibrant goddess of beauty, level 5-attunement to the whtie magic wand.

Chakra Flush, by Stephanie Brail
The chakra flush empowerment is a very simple method to clear out stuck energy from the chakras.  It is inspired by the meridian flushes, which work to flush the meridians.  The chakra flush is easy to use and activated by simple intention.  It works just as well in person or over distance.  It is an excellent complement to reiki or any other energy healing system.  The chakra flush is a clenasing energy.  It does not energize the chakras but gently clears them of old blocks and stuck energies.  By gently releasing the energetic wounds of the past, the chakra flush allows new positive energy to enter in.  The chakra flush is a wonderful tool because it is simple to use, quick and effective and benefits include:  releasing of old burdens and emotional baggage, freeing up of old unstuck energy to energize and enliven, and flushing of energetic toxins and energy contamination.

Clearing Shadow Path Empowerments by Linda Colibert
Clearing Shadow Paths Empowerment works to help clear out all of those dead end paths that lead you away from your true path. Sometimes we are moving along on our path and then suddenly find that we are not happy and that we seem to be moving farther away from our goals. Whenever this happens it is a Shadow Path, and it needs to be acknowledged and cleared so that you can get back on track and follow your true path in life. For only when you are following your true path, will you find true happiness!

Communication Flush Empowerment, by Jay Burrell
Remove fear of communication, fear of expressing your true self because you think others may not like who you really are inside and etc? Do you have better luck writing your feelings in an email or letter rather than talking or instant messaging? This system will bring self confidence, removal of fear and self expression. It will bring you empowerment and personal power. An etheric sodalite crystal can be used in your throat and palm chakras for self confidence, balance and creativity.

Compassion and Gifts of Goddess Kuan Yin by Linda Colibert
The attunement to Compassion and Gifts of Goddess Kuan Yin connect you to the Goddess Kuan Yin. The energies of this attunement help with compassion and forgiveness, as well as the blessings of abundance. Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion. She helps with any issues of love, compassion, forgiveness, and relationships. But Kuan Yin also blessed those who call on her for help with abundance and prosperity. She will heal your heart, fill your soul with Universal Love and draw to you gifts of abundance.

Compassion Medicine Mandala, by Joanna Mullane
These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Compassion Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Allow more compassion into their heart
* Live with an open heart
* Allow unity and integrity into one’s life and truth
* Open and clear the Root Chakra
* Do all things with only love
* Release jealousy & stubbornness in exchange for peace

Cone of Light Energy LightWork by Linda Colibert
Cone of Light Energy Lightwork connects you to spirit source energy and light energy quickly for empowerment and healing. This energy works very fast and is easy to use. The healing can be used to heal yourself, animals, and others. Cone of Light Energy Lightwork also works to charge and energize tools to help you with your healing and empowerment. It is a very powerful system that will speed healing and recovery, and draws in positive energies for empowerment in manifestation.

Cosmic Siblings Empowerment
Your soul family is not identical with your terrestrial family.  It is uniting souls having gathered together in the otherworld, having the same or similar karmic tasks in order to manage their life tasks here in this materiality and duality better ad with more ease.  Parts of the family can incarnate together at the same time, whereas other parts of your cosmic siblings (just like the angels and the spiritual leaders) are assisting you from the spritual dimensions – from higher vibrant spheres – in the accomplishment of your tasks here and now on this earth.   Your cosmic siblings can help you with their achieved wisdom and are able to strengthen and releoad your energy body with higher vibrant energy.  You only need to ask them.  There is one symbol and a meditation with this 10 page system.

Creativity Medicine Mandala Empowerment
These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Creativity Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Bring in an abundance of creative energies
* Be filled with Inspiration
* Open and clear the Sacral Chakra
* Trust their own instincts
* Let go and simply create
* Honor your true Self in all its beauty
* Allow for self-expression without fear of what others may think
* Make time for Dance, Art, Journal Writing-your own happiness

Crystal Dragons, By Jay Burrell
This is a 34 page manual which includes a detailed description of the chakra system, a chakra meditation, a dragon meditation, an account of how the founder came about this system, and a detailed description of the attunement process and each of the threee crystal dragons that are a part of this system.  There are 3 attunements to this system, a great system!

Crystal Skull Activation
Information taken from the manual written by Jay Burrell:  There is only 1 prerequisite to receiving this attunement and that is you must have been attuned to the Atlantean Crystal activation, which is the first in this series.  This system will connect you to the healing energies and knowledge of Atlantis, the Atlantean’s and the energy of our Mother Earth.  Now is the time for these skulls to come forward etherically to help mankind in the ascension process that has been going on for thousands of years, this is a 12 page manual.

Crystalline Body Matrix of Higher Self Connection
This system helps to awaken our ability to connect with the higher self and help evolve us to the next level in a grounded manner with ease and grace.  This system will gain a direct connection, raise and increase our vibration, strengthen and enhance our connection and ability to connect with the higher self.

Cutting The Cords of Attachment Reiki, by Linda Colibert
This attunement energy works to help you cut those cords of attachment that bind you, and imprison you so that you cannot move or act. So often, we are not even aware of being attached to so much. And the attachments can cause others to bind you to them, and cause you great pain and suffering. It also causes great resistance to anything good you try to manifest. In this manual you will learn methods to overcome this, to cut these cords, and free yourself to manifest your dreams. You will find hope again. You will feel relief. The energies of this attunement are powerful, yet they bring a great sense of empowerment and release.

Dakini Reiki (remove chakra trauma, heal from abuse, trauma, divorce)
Dakini Reiki resonates with and heals any abuse, sexual or physical.  It also resonates with loss due to divorce.  It is an amazing energy.  The literal meaning of Dakini is “SkyDancer”.  The western form of Dakinis are angels, who are beautiful celestial beings who fly in the sky and who sometimes come down to earth to provide inspiration and support to us mortals, which is the same for Dakinis.
These messengers who go between our earthly realm and the higher realm bring us powerful teachings and blessings to sincere seekers.  Dakinis do the most compassionate things possible for our well being before moving out of our life and along to the next seeker.  They help us through our hopes and visions for the future and invite us to follow their path of truth.
All of our experiences are stored in our chakra system.  Each chakra contains a different part of our memory and experiences.  Chakras can become blocked because of storing unresolved experiences, emotions, and memories.
There are 3 short manuals with this system, 1 is informational, 1 on Dakini and Chakras, and 1 on Dakini and Divorce.

Divine Source Medicine Mandala Empowerment, by Joanna Mullane
These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Divine Source Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Allow the energies of Creator, Great Spirit, Father, Mother God into one’s heart.
* Connect to the Divine Source
* Connect with the Ascended Masters & Light Beings
* Open & clear the Crown Chakra
* Find the center of your being
* Be open to receiving Divine Love
* Find the sacred in everything and every moment
* Realize that we are all one

Dolphin Crystal Essence
This system promotes unconditional love, wisdom, gentleness, playfulness, laughter and loyalty.  Teaches us to nurture and protect all living things.  Dolphin Crystal Essence transmutes negative energy into positive energy and brings someone to live in happiness.

Dolphins of Atlantis
This is a wonderful 40 page manual about dolphins and Atlantis.  It will add a new untouched dimension to your healing work, and facilitate personal spiritual growth.  The manual includes these healing skills:  atlantis dolphin auric hands on and distance healing, atlantis dolphin crystal healing grids, dolphin healing with light, atlantian dolphin healing bath, atlantian dolphin wisdom and love meditations, earth healing with the atlantian dolphjins, creating etheric larimar, the larimar healing energy ball, atlantian healing breath, atlantian guided meditations, larimar energy balls, wisdom of atlantis. A wonderful system!

Deep Blue Reiki
Deep Blue Reiki is a small part of Universal LIfe Force energy with powerful and high vibrational energy.  Deep Blue Reiki has specific benefits of:  stimulates the latent abilities of subtle perception and intuitive skills, energizes and balances throat, third eye, and crown chakra, balances most systems in the subtle anatomy, quickly creates great stillness and tranquility, which make it ideal for meditation, and enchances the functions of the higher levgels of consciousness, reduces tension and brings calm.  A very simple system without symbols.

DNA Healing Reiki
Is a very simple system, consisting of one symbol, a DNA helix.  It is meant to improve phyiscal health by fixing any errors in a person’s DNA or spiritual (energetic) DNA.  It works particularly well with people with chronic or degenerative illnesses such as chronic fatigue, febromyalgia, MS, and others.

Elemental Earth Star Activation
Pre-requisite:  Atlantian Crystal Activation and Crystal Skull, this is the third in the series by Jay Burrell.  The elemental earth star empowerment is the final system in the atlantian and Gaia Trilogy of Energy systems.    The main benefit that you will receive from accepting this attunement is that you will become whole in yourself and the balance of masculine and feminine energies within us all which will become one.  You will also gain a stronger connection to mother earth and through using the energy of the elements you will bring healing not only to yourself and mankind, but also to mother earth.

Elemental Usui Reiki 4
This is a new system by Stephanie Brail.  Pre-requisite is Usui Reiki 3.  The manual is 21 pages long, there are 3 attunements and 3 new symbols to this system.  This is an advanced reiki master course for those who are interested in increasing their reiki power and learning how to create new reiki systems.  Even if you are not interested in creating new reiki systems, you will improve your skills as a reiki master by working with the symbols and techniques in this manual.
The ability to channel energies directly is something we all innately possess, but it’s also a skill that can improve with practice and energetic clearing.  The more you can channel energies directly, the more powerful you can be as a healer.  You learn how to get out of the way and let spirit come through you to do the healing.  You become more in touch and aware of the messages coming from spirit.

Elixirs 1 and 2 empowerments
There are two short manuals for this energy system which include energy cards, planet, cards, archangel cards, hands on healing, distance healing, charging oils, attunements to ascended masters, and how to pass empowerments.

Emerald Essence Attunement
There are actually 2 different manuals with this, one by Ole Gabrielsen which is course notes on the emerald essence, and one that includes this and also a discussion on the emerald, which is mainly for phyiscal and emotional healing.  You will be attuned to the energies of this stone/essence, and receive both manuals.

Emerald Heart Attunement
Emeralds are fascinating gemstones.  They have the most beautiful, most intense and most radiant green that can possibly be imagined:  emerald green, inclusions are tolerated.  In top quality fine emeralds are even more valuable than diamonds.  Emerald Heart is a powerful high vibrational energy form for individual growth and removes negative emotional energies; like fear, anger, hate, anxiety, etc.  General and primary beneifts:  blances the heart, speed up detoxification, brings calm by removing hidden fears, removing negative emotional energies, and helpful aid to meditation.

Emotional Healing Reiki by Linda Colibert
Emotional Healing Reiki connects you to spirit and works with the soul star chakra, crown chakra, root chakra, and especially the heart chakra. The emphasis with this healing system is emotional healing which brings body, mind, and spirit together in harmony for inner peace and healing. If you have suffered a loss of a loved one in any form, or any emotional trauma, Emotional Healing Reiki will help you heal and begin again. As you move forward, raising your energies and vibrations, you will learn to see things clearly, and open your heart to forgiveness and love. The energies of Emotional Healing Reiki are loving, compassionate, and very healing, to help you get up and stand in your power again, as you live your life journey on this Earth.

Enchanted Agate Essence Energy
Agate is believed to help discern truth, accept circumstances, and is a powerful emotional healer.  It is believed to prevent insomnia and ensure pleasant dreams, to enhance personal courage and protect one against danger.  Agate provides a calming influence, improves perception, concentration and helps to develop and increase one’s analytical talents.  Healing Properties:  agates are among the oldest good luck and healing stones.  Agate is said to help treat disorders of the pancreas and to improve circulation.  It is also a balancing and cleansing stone that can help bridge the gap between head and heart.

Enchanted Aquamarine Essence Energy
Aquamarine is associated with working with Kuan Yin.  A stone of courage and serenity….clear light blue, blue-green, this lovely and gentle gtem evokes the sea in both its name and its color.  This stone opens up the psychic.  If you are especially sensitive to the thoughts and vibrations of other people, wear aquamarine with smoky quartz as this combination will ease the sharpness of the incoming impressions, and the quartz will help to ground you in the physical.  Healing Properties: can help eliminate fluid retention by strengthening the kidneys, liver, spleen and thyroid, thus purifying the general.  This stone also has a beneficial effect on the thyroid, and is helpful to most all throat and neck ailments.  It also diminishes problmes with eyes, ears and stomach, relieves cough and can ease depression and grief.

Enchanted Bloodstone Essence Energy
It is said to help with calming, particularly in survivial situations.  It brings mystical energies of increasing adaptability and organization, and lessening confusion and anxiety.  Healing properties:  bloodstone helps with cleansing of the blood and any organ related/connected with the blood.  It can detoxify the body in general.  It is an excellent stone for healing which initiates renewal on most all levels.  Bloodstone works in overcoming depression and emotionally caused pain.

Enchanted Copper Essence Energy Attunement
According to myths, copper has the ability to conduct spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world.  It is also believed that copper has the power to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications.  It enhances emotional release and aids in attunement between the spiritual and mental bodies.

Enchanted Emerald Essence Energy
Emerald has the following qualities:  is a stone of love and romance, brings and enhances joy, cleansing, clairvoyance, memory, and faith, benefits intuition and communication, promotes truthfulness, associated with the heart chakra, is a symbol of hope, is considered to be the stone of prophecy, and is lucky for love, give your lover an emerald to stay faithful.

Enchanted Fluorite Essence Energy
Associated with working with Goddess Isis.  Helps to ground excessive energy, particularly mental, emotional and nervous energy.  It is a powerful healer; it affectgs al lthe chakras as well as mental attitudes.  It is excellent for use in cleansing the aura…it is known to rid the aura of cording (unwanted attached energy lines from other people).
Excellent for connecting with the akashic records for answers to your past lives and helpful in aiding inter-dimensional communications, particularly with nature spirits, faeries, elves and other fae folk.  Healing properties:  when placed directly on an affected area, fluorite gradually removes pain.  The direct application of the stone is also partidularly helpful for ailments such as energy blockages, respiratory issues, wounds and skin deseases as well as arthritis.  Healers use it to help with ulcers as well as the respiratory tract by stimulating cell regeneration in these areas.

Enchanted Onyx Essence Energy
Onyx is thought to increase regeneration, happiness, intuition, and one’s instincts.  Aids in changing bad habits.    A strong stone to use in pyschi work as it tells the story of the wearer.  Onyx is a wonderful stone for those who are flighty by nature, as it will heop ground and focus your attention.  Healing properties:  helpful with skin ailments, healing infected wounds as well as fungal infections, inflammation and even sunburn.  pat the affected skin with onyx water several times during the day and over with an onyx water compress at night.

Enchanted Opal Essence Energy
Opal has been known to bring happy dreams and to ease the process of change.  Opal is a silicate, containing water, correlating with our emotions.  Clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions, desires.  With this comes less inhibiition, more spontaneity, free visualization, clearer imagination,  and more vivid dreams.  Healing properties:  opals are known to strengthen the will to live, linked to the heart, and told to stimulate the glands and regulate the metabolism.

Enchanted Pearl Essence Energy Attunement
Pearls bring centering and a calming reflection, as well as attune the wearer to the ebb and flow of life.  Due to its watery and lunar elements, it is quite balancing for the emotions, espeically to water signs.  Pearls help one connect with the Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy.  If using pearls with other gemstones consider diamonds to amplify and purify, or emeralds to bring the negative energy out and disperse it.

Enchanted Pyrite Essence Energy
Both earth and fire energies are captured within the pyrite stone; a perfect tool to assist in balancing the root or base chakra.  It is a wonderful stone for use in wealth magic or assisting in manifestation of needed energies.  An excellent shield-stone, pyrite removes negativity from the aura to help one concentrate.  Gives phyiscal aid in treating:  infections, viruses and fevers; blood disorders; increases blood flow to the brain and improves circulatory system; increases memory, bone and cellular formation; helps repair DNA/RNA damage; fatigue, lung problems, digestive tract problems; relieves anxiety and stress.

Enchanted Ruby Essence Energy
Associated with working with the energies of Ascended Master Buddha.  Ruby will bring fire into your life.  If you like to live your life intensely, but often find it difficult to keep focus, a ruby can help bring clarity and wisdom to your world.  This gemstone can also guard you against psychic or phyiscal attack.  Sleeping with a ruby will help promote lucid dreaming, allowing your conscious mind to interact with your subconscious mind.  The energy of the ruby is intense and vivid and encourages one to follow bliss.  It also acts as a “plug” for holes in the energy field.  Healing Properties:  cleanses blood of toxins, stimulates the adrenal gland and improves circulation and fights internal infections.

Enchanted Sapphire Essence Energy
Aids you in clairifying just what the information you receive means to you.  During meditation can help you find your hidden potential. Sharpens the vision of your life’s work.  Healing Properties:  Sapphire is the most effective healing stone for the nervous system.  It is told to regulate th function of the thyroid gland and is therefore quite useful as a remedy for lack of appetite and nervous heart trouble.  This gem may also aid in strnegthening the walls of yoru blood vessels and stop nose bleeds. The green and blue crystals are espeically helpful in healing energies.

Enchanted Silver Essence Energy Attunement
It is known to enhance the powers of the moon, particularly during the full and new moons.  As the metal is reflective, as the moon reflects the light of the sun, so does silver reflect negativity from the wearer.  Tiny silver globes, or any silver jewelry can be worn for magical security; used to provide protection against evil intent, reflecting spells of harm back to the sender.

Enchanted Tiger Eye Essence Energy
Associated with working with the energies of ascended master Kuthumi. With its vibrant golden color, tiger-eye is used to increase wealth and vitality.  It enhances courage.  Brings passion and physical strength, and allows these attributes to be tempered with mental clarity and a joyful outlook.  As a power stone Tiger Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting wealth, money, and luck.  It is especially helpful against dark magic.  A good luck stone, it is also used for discerning the truth in any situaiton.  It can help with understanding any cycle through which one is living.  Healing Properties:  healing eye disorders is one of the most common medicinal uses associated with tiger eye.  It can help slow the flow of energy through the body which makes the gem very helpful in stress related illnesses.  Tiger’s eye in general is an emotional balancer that softens stubbornness and gives clear insight.  Helps to ground and center.

Enchanted Topaz Essence Energy
Topaz is associated with Goddess Lakshmi.  Topaz is said to enchance one’s spiritual potential.  It opens the hearts of those who have closed them while at the same time protecting the openhearted from too much pain.  Healing Properties:  Topaz is a powerful stone in the way that quartz is.  It is a balancing and calming stone that balances emotions, releases tension, balances emotions, and can bring joy.  Topaz stimulates the metabolism and digestions, heightening the taste buds.   Physically, topaz aids with gout, blood disorders, hemorrages, poor appetite, tissue regeneration, reverses aging, and helps with the endocrine system.

Enchanted Tourmaline Essence Energy
All tourmalines are said to enchance understanding, increase self confidence, amplifies psychic energies.  they neutralize negative energies, dispel fear and grief, and aid in concentration and communication.  They can relax the body as well as the mind and aid in the treatment of infectious diseases, anxiety, blood poisoning, arthritis, and heart disease.  Helaing Properties: these can be an excellent channelling stone for communication with the higher forces.  Green tourmaline is said to regulate blood pressure and can strengthen the heart and nervous system. It can also stimulate digestion and strengthen the immune system.  Black can protect against high radiation.  Blue is told to combat water-retention, promote detoxification of the entire body, strengthen the immune system, as well as reducing throat and bronchial infections.  Watermelon is said to alleviate pain, protect the nerve cells and strengthen the immune system.

Enchanted Zircon Essence Energy
Zircon occurs in a wide range of colors but for many years, the most popular was the colorless variety which looks more like diamond than any other natural stone due to its brilliance and dispersion.  It is a stone of quiet vibrations, it enables one to be at peace with oneself.  It can create unity with the higher self and spirit guides, it aids in sleep, brings prosperity, and promotes honor and wisdom to its owner.

Energies and Magic of Fairies
This is a wonderful manual all about fairies.  There is a history and description of many different kinds of faires; their qualities, benefits, and symbols for each kind of fairy.  The manual also tells you how to contact them and goes through the attunement process to this system.  This manual is 49 pages long.  Prerequisite to this is Reiki 2.

Ethereal Crystals levels 1-9
It is now possible to give a powerful crystal healing, without crystals.  Through attunement you will gain access to the energy of specific crystals and be able to channel them by intention.  These ethereal crystals are much stronger than those found within the earth.  You can place them on the body, just by pointing at a certain area and thinking the stone’s name.  The stone will disappear when the energy is no longer needed.  In addition, you can create powerful gem elixirs in seconds and increase the strength in certain gemstones by 400%!  An ethereal crystal healing can stand alone, or be combined with other healing methods, such as reiki.  It also includes a list of all of the crystals on all of the levels and their properties.  If you love crystals, this is a fun attunement and easy to use!

Ethereal Crystals 10-12
Prerequisite-Ethereal crystals 1-9.  Following on from the incredible energies of the ethereal crystals 1-9, these attunements will enable you to again use the etheric qualities of crystals just be intention, but with this attunement you will be attuned to a much higher vibrational energy of crystals to use during healings on yourself or clients and to also charge and empower oils, water and many other items.

Ethereal Flowers 1 and 2
You will receive two brief manuals, created by Ole Gabrielsen, on how to make flower essences, the properties of different flowers, how to create “rescue remedy”, and how to pass these attunements onto others.

Ethereal Herbs
This is a great 30 page manual written by Jay Burrell.  He discusses the history of herbs and how they were used, the chakra system, gives a list of herbs and their properties, and gives a great ethereal herbal meditation ending with a discussion of the attunement process.  A great system!

Etheric Cord Flush, by Stephanie Brail
Etheric cords are energetic attachments we have to other people as well as animals and inanimate objects.  Healthy cords attach at the heart chakra; negative cords will attach elsewhere, often in the solor plexus, stomach, lower back, or even the spleen.  Negative cords come in many different forms.  It’s a good idea to clear them on a regular basis to keep your energy clear of outside energies.  The etheric cord flush is an easy way to clear cords without alot of effort.  This flush will clear away negative cords that should not be attached and are ready to be let go.  Second, it will heal the energy of any cords that remain attached.  This will heal you as well as offer some healing energy to the person on the other end of the cord.

Etheric Cord Shield
The etheric cord shield protects against the intrusion of unwanted etheric cords.  An etheric cord is an energetic connection between one person and another.  Sometimes people will unconsciously try to “cord” someone else out of need and manipulation.  The etheric cord shield is an effective way to block these energetic attachments.  The shield will still let in positive cords, and you can adjust the shield to only let in positive cords form people who are sending negativity.

Faery Realm of Goddess Morrigan LeFey Empowerment (glamor, magick, intuition, joy, healing)
This attunement from Linda Colibert connects you to Morrigan Le Fey, the virgin aspect of the triple Goddess Morrigan and to the faery realm for empowerment.  She is a Goddess of the Faery Realm, and as such, she can guide you between the worlds and into the land of Fey.  She and the fairies will help you with healing, joy, intuition, and fertility.
You will learn Glamour Magick….radiate the energies of what you want to be or what you want others to see.  If you want to be attractive and sensual, then you project that with your thoughts.  If you want to be successful, then you project those energies with your thoughts.  Keep your thoughts pure and focused on the energy you want to project.

Fairy Reiki
This is a 28 page manual which includes fairy lore, types of fairies, fairy gardens, history of Avalon, journey through the forest, symbols and definitions of fairies, fairy healing process, and avaolon healing and attunement process.

Feminine Power of Creation Reiki by Linda Colibert
The Feminine Power of Creation Reiki system connects you to the energies of Goddess, feminine power, and positive energies of creativity. It works to bring healing to your inner self and deeper into your soul self. So often, we deny our creative energy and our feminine nature and this can limit our personal power. No matter if you are a man or woman, feminine power is within you and opening up to allowing your feminine power of creation to come through opens opportunities, brings in harmony, and allows healing.

Flower Essence Reiki, by Stephanie Brail
Flower essences are a gentle way to provide healing on a deep level without major side effects or clearing symptoms.  Flower essences work to lift off the energy up and heal through the transmutation of negative energy. Each individual flower has its own energetic signature or vibration what works on a specific issue like trust, resistance, anger, etc.  Flower essence reiki simplifies the healing process.  You don’t have to have a physical bottle of the essence, unless you want to.  You can use one symbol and send a ray of lower energy to the recipient.  There is one main symbol to use for general healing.

Fluorite Cluster Empowerment
As fluorite grows it changes from being in a cluster formation to octahedron shape to a pyramid form. It is said that the various forms a fluorite crystal takes along its growth path gives us a clue to the gifts it brings a person who works with its spiritual eneriges.  In the cluster formation it looks much like you might see a futuristic city.
A skill of this fluorite cluster is being catalyst for change within a person’s life.  This fluorite cluster moves your life expression into your next highest octave.  Then how your life looks and who is in it changes to reflect the inner changes.

Forgiveness Flush
Forgiveness is a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge. The hurt can always remain a part of your life, but through self forgiveness and the forgiveness of others this can lessen its grip on you and help you focus on other, more positive aspects of your life. The Forgiveness Flush Empowerment on its own can help with this. Obsolete Beliefs Reiki can assist with removing the hurt from your life forever. See: Obsolete Beliefs Reiki From Rosemary Noel on other distant courses page.

Forgiveness Medicine Mandala, by Joanna Mullane
The beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerment act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Forgiveness Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* To allow one to be open to forgiving oneself & others
* Let go of guilt or shame
* Experience the innocence within one’s own heart
* Open throat chakra allowing one to speak their truth
* Remember to Let Go & Let God
* Heal from past life & karma experiences

Goddess Arianrhod
A 15 page manual, channelled and compiled by Elizabeth Hibel.  Blodeuwedd, Arianrhod, Rhiannon, Cerridwen, and Branwen, are the guardians of the sacred isle of Avalon….Arianrhod is keeper of the circling silver wheel of stars, a symbol of time and karma.  Call on Arianrhod to help you with past life memories and difficulties as well as for contacting the star people.   In the avalonian arianrhod, is a Goddess of fertility, the full moon, the stars, regeneration, and reincarnation, whose pathway is an eternal quest or thread that has no beginning or end.  The spirit of Arianrhod is a symbol of prophecy and dreams.  As a meditative glyph, she provides a glimpse of both the past and future, but the traveler must follow the spirit of arianrhod with an open heart and mind.   She is said to be able to shapeshift into a large Owl, and through the great Owl-eyes, sees even into the darkness of the human subconscious and soul.  The owl symbolizes death and renewal, wisdom, moon magick, and initiations.  She is said to move with strength and purpose through the night, her wings of comport and healing spread to give solace to those who seek her.

Goddess Hathor, 15 page manual
Egyptian Goddess of Love and Music.  Hathor was a goddess of many things, among them she was a :  celestial goddess, the mistress of heaven, Goddess of love, music and beauty,  the Goddess of Love, cheerfulness, music, and dance, Goddess of women, fertility, children and childbirth,  the mother of mothers, the celestial nurse, the vengeful eye of Ra, Godd of the dead, Lady of the West.

Gratitude  Medicine Mandala, by Joanna Mullane
These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Gratitude Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* To allow one to be open to Gratitude in all areas of lif
* Being able to count one’s blessings
* Finding the miracles in the everyday
* Finding the sacred in each moment
* Giving and receiving help from others

Grounding Flush Empowerment, by Jay Burrell
For some people grounding can be very challenging, especially if you are involved in spiritual or energy work, and it is also very important to be grounded to the earth when doing this work.  If you feel spacey, run into things, forget things easily, or feel not quite all there, you are probably not grounded.  This grounding flush empowerment with regular use will quickly open your higher chakras to enable a strong grounding energy vibration to descend from the godhead consciousness.  This energy vibration will then flow through you in a beam of golden white light which causes a very effective grounding to take place.

Healing Elements Lightwork
Each of the four Elements of Nature have tremendous healing power that is available for you to use to help heal yourself and others. This attunement connects you to the Elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to help you bring universal healing into your life. Using these energies can improve any other healing techniques you may already be using, and provides powerful healing with the Elements of Nature. You will learn about each of the elements and a healing technique for connecting to and healing with each element. There are four attunements to this system: Earth Air Fire Water. Each has its own energy and power and can be used alone or together with any or all of the other Elements in healing.

Healing Flushes 1 and 2 (physical)
The healing flushes for physical problems work to improve physical health, first by clearing out negative energies that might be allowing viruses and imbalances to manifest, and second by enhancing the energetic system to support improved immune function and health.  These energies are best used to support healing from minor issues such as cold or flu.  They can also be used for more chronic or serious illnesses as boosters, but do not rely on these flushes for life-threatening diseases. (and of course, remember that energy healing is not to be used to “cure” illness and energy healers cannot diagnose disease.”  The flushes also can support the energetic system in crowded environments, much in the way herbal immune supplements support the immune system.

Healing Flush Empowerments 3 and 4 (emotional)
The healing flushes for emotional problems are the second group in a series of healing flushes.  While you do not need to have been attuned to healing flushes for physical problems to use this system, it is recommended for optimal benefits.  The healing flushes for emotional problems are very simple to use and work via intention. Healing flush empowerment 3 works to remove emotional blockages.  Healing flush empowerment 4 helps strengthen the emotional body to become more resilient to emotional stress and disappointment.  These attunements can bring up clearing symptoms in the form of emotional release, so you should plan to receive the attunements when you have time to process the energies.  You will receive one brief manual and 2 attunements.

Healing Flush Empowerments 5 and 6 (spiritual)
The healing flushes for spiritual integration are the third group in a series of healing flushes.  These spiritual integration energies are the culmination of the healing flushes.  The entire system (healing flushes 1-6) are designed to be an easy way to utilize energy healing for optimal health and wholeness.  We start at the physical level, then bolster the emotions, and finally complete this work with a strong connection to spirit.  While you do not need to have been attuned to healing flush empowerments 1-4 to use this manual or system, it is recommended for optimal benefits.

Healing The Inner Child Reiki, by Linda Colibert
Healing the Inner Child Reiki connects you to spirit and your inner child to bring healing, joy, laughter, and childhood wonder of spirit to you. It also connects you to your personal guardian angels of the Inner Child. The energies of this attunement will fill you with love and joy, and heal those childhood memories that are painful. It helps you to allow your inner child to come forward with love and happiness.
You may begin to experience that childhood eagerness of looking forward to doing something special you have been wanting to do. You may find that you are filled with more self love and fairy like awe of the beauty and love of life. Your Iner Child will be able to step nforward and help you learn to laugh and experience a truly joyful heart!

Healing Medicine Mandala Empowerment, by Joanna Mullane
These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Healing Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Be open to receiving Divine Healing
* Create more wellness in their life
* Take care of one’s body with new healthy habits
* Let go of unhealthy habits
* Utilize natural healing & energy modalities
* Be open to performing Meditation for personal well being
* To live their life in perfect health

Insulin Attunements
Insulin is one of the most commonly used therapeutic agents used in diabetes. While the structure of this complex protein has been studied in detail there were parts of the receptor for insulin that were not clearly defined till now. This receptor is a protein that exists on the surfaces of cells and binds to the insulin molecule. These receptors are responsible for the action of insulin on the cells. His team is also involved in another important aspect involving the structure of related Type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor, to which insulin-like growth factors bind.

Jade Ray Attunement for Emotional Healing
This is  a 4 page manual by Elizageth Ami in which she connects with the Jade crystal energies and the green ray of healing.  She was guided to use this ray of emotional healing for others, self, and past life healing.  She gives some examples of how to do this in the manual.

Jasmine Aura Essence Empowerment
Wonderful 18 page manual.  The Jasmine Aura Essence Empowerment is a gentle and very simple energy modality that works with and infuses us to the essence of the Jasmine Flower.  Through out time Jasmine has been used to grace the gardens of royalty, offered to Gods and Goddesses in religious rituals and ceremonies.  This beautiful flower radiates an aura of love, peace tranquility and is often worn or given as a symbol of beauty and spiritual love.
Spiritual aspects of Jasmine Flower:  Jasmine is assoicated with mainly the feminine; it has links to the planets of Jupiter, and Earth. Jasmine can be used in love spells, charms, and sachets.  It is a strong aphrodisiac and is often depicted being worn by women in Eastern countries as a love token.  It has links to divine spiritual love and is used in many religious cremonies through out the world as offerings to various religious deities and is often used in marriage rituals.

Joy Medicine Mandala Empowerment, by Joanna Mullane
These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Joy Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Allow more joy into their heart and life
* Experience pure happiness
* Celebrate their lives and the lives of others
* Spend more time outdoors under the Sun, get out and play
* Clear and open the Solar Plexus
* Utilize Aromatherapy for their well being
* Love and nurture their Inner Child

Karmic Reiki
This system is an exciting reiki style created by Martyn Pentecost, which although based on Usui Reiki techniques, is used in a slightly different manner in order to deal with the various issues that arise from negative karmic events.  It is primarily an “auric” reiki and employs incredibly powerful frequencies of energy to vaporize karmic issues, cleanse the shadows of karmic vaporizzation and finally connect the client with their guides for complete karmic healing.  There are 5 karmic symbols:  2 are used as other rieki symbols to help ease the effects of “anonymous” karma, while the remaining 3 “sister” symbols provide extremely powerful frequencies of energy which can bring about remarkable results, including revealing in detail events from people’s past lives.  Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki 2

The Karmic Flush Empowerment, by Jay Burrell
Alot of low self acceptance and low self esteem issues with people can stem from past lives where we have suffered great loss, sadness, and or vanity and ego.  Through this activation and the use of the karmic flush empowerment, you will learn how to release these cords so they no longer affect your current life, and you will also learn how to call upon the mighty energies of Archangel Michael to help you with the process of releasement.

Karmic Release and Empowerment Reiki by Linda Colibert
Karma Release and Empowerment Reiki works to connect you to past, present, and future Karma to help you understand and release negative karma from the past and present lifetimes so that you can create the future you want to experience. Karma is not a punishment, but is the destiny set in motion by your decisions and actions on this earth. It can be released and let go, and it can be changed to lighten the effects. What you do with the information of your Karma will determine what you will achieve in the future. The energies of this system connect you to your higherself and creative source energy so that you can lighten the burden of any bad karma, and learn to send out positive karma to build happiness in the future. You will learn the steps necessary to bring changes to help with reversing the effects of past Karma that does not serve you in a positive way. The knowledge and information in this system will empower you to move beyond the barriers of Karma that holds you back.

Key To Life Purpose Empowerment Reiki by Linda Colibert
Did you ever wonder what your life purpose on this earth is? Have you ever wondered what you should be doing and where you are supposed to be? The Key to Life Purpose Empowerment opens up the path and allows you to access the inner key to discovering and living your life purpose. The energies are beautiful and energetically connect you to spirit soul, your higher self, and creative source energy so that you are aligned with the life purpose you came to this earth to accomplish. It allows you to discover hidden abilities and the steps necessary to achieve your mission on earth.

Kundalini Reiki
Level 1:  The first attunement opens the healing channels to allow channeling of Reiki Energy.  At the same time you are prepared for the kundalini awakening in Kundalini Reiki 2.  The crown, heart, and hand chakras are opened and strengthened.  Kundalini Reiki 1 is the equivalent of the Usui Reiki 1-2-3 attunements.  Level 2:  The reiki channels are strengthened.  The kundalini awakening, where the main energy channel opens gently and surely, aligning the kundalini “fire” reaches the maximum solar plexus chakra, prparing for the full kundalini rising in Kundalini 3.  Level 3:  The previous attunements are strengthened and the throat, solar plexus, Hara, and root chakras are opened.  The kunalini “fire” is strengthened and reaches up and out of the crown chakra – full rising of the kundalini takes place.  You are taught to attune crystals and other objects so that they act as reiki channels.  Also included in this level is the attunement of balance, diamond reiki, crystalline reiki, DNA reiki, birth trauma reiki, location reiki, past life reiki.

Life Contracts Lightwork Energy
Life Contracts Lightwork Reiki connects you to your higher self and the Akashic Council, as well as your Guides and Ascended Masters that are working with you. This system opens up your ability to consciously speak with your etheric advisors to understand, and even make changes to your life path contract. There are times when we may have contracted in this life to experience something we are not yet ready for. There may be lessons we discover we would prefer to learn in this lifetime that we were unaware of when we made the contract before being born. You are allowed to make alterations to your contract, but you must go through the Akashic Council and your personal Guides, etc. in order to do this. This system will help you to understand what is involved, what steps to take, how to request changes to your Life Contract. For those of you interested in this higher energy in depth attunement, you will find it to be very helpful and very insightful. This manual covers more than the basics of working with this energy, your guides, and the council. Blessings to those who choose to work with this energy and their council for understanding and empowerment. May your path be revealed and your contract be as you wish it to be.

Light Bodies 1-7
The energies of the Light Body Chakras 1-7 Enlightenment Reiki work to help bring you into alignment with the flow of life force energies. The basic 7 chakras are light body chakras that keep the channel of energy moving for positive empowerment, healing, and manifestation. This system covers the basic chakras in the perspective of light body chakras. I originally channeled the Light Bodies 8-12 Enlightenment Reiki which was intended to go beyond the first 7 light body chakras, but in light of some confusion, I was guided to go ahead and channel this system Light Body Chakras 1-7 Enlightenment Reiki in order to eliminate any confusion and to bring in more understanding and clarity. This system brings in enlightenment and healing.

Light Bodies 8-12
This system brings forth the information that the Higher Beings of Light wish to be revealed at this time. The energies of this attunement help you to connect quickly and easily to the Light Bodies 8-12 for empowerment and enlightenment. By being able to connect to each specific energy body, you will be able to work with the energies of each level consciously to bring improvement in all areas of your life and to raise your vibration in body, mind, and spirit.

Living in Joy Empowerment, by Suzanne Dann
This system is about finding your joy, true joy and how to bring it into your life on a daily basis.  You connect with the high vibration of joy so it emanates from you and within you in your day to day life.  There is a short meditation and a colorful simple symbol you can use to connect with this Joy Energy.  The time is now for everyone to find and live their joy!

Love Flush 1 and 2, by Stephanie Brail
The love flushes help heal us from the wounds that block us from experience the true love from the spirit.  Benefits can include:  release from childhood pain and anger, a lighter, happier heart, a greater ability to be open instead of closed and protective, a feeling of infinite love that can be shared with others without conditions, liberation from obssession and focus on “another” as the solution to all of life’s problems.
Love Flush 1 works on releasing old wounds and hurts that are blocking the heart enregy.  We all collect these hurts as we go through life and connect with people.  Love Flush 2 brings in the divine energy of love, and the Light of God or universal consciousness, a love that is without condition or need
Love Flush Empowerments 3 and 4 by Stephanie Brail
The first series of love flushes worked on clearing out old emotional wounds and blockages to unconditional love.  Love flushes 3 and 4 focus more on romantic love, to help heal past heartbreak and improve current relationships.  Of course, working with the spirit of unconditional love as discussed in the first sereis of Love flushes is still incredibly important in relationship healing.  What these flushes will do is provide energy for healing.  Love flushes 3 and 4 can provide the following benefits:  healing of old wounds from past heartbreak, increased peace and acceptance over past betrayal, improved relationships, ability to hold on or let go as appropriate.  Like love flush 1, love flush 3 works on clearing out old emotional wounds.  Love flush 3 works to heal these old romantic wounds to allow for a more open and happier heart.  Love flush 4 helps heal relationships.  The energy will help clear the space between you. You can use this flush only on yourself, or, you can send it to yourself and the person you have a relationship with that needs to be healed.

Love Medicine Mandala Empowerment, by Joanna Mullane
These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Love Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Love oneself fully and unconditionally
* To live with only love in ones heart
* Live life with passion
* To open their heart to receive love from others
* Open the Heart Chakra
* Mend a broken heart
* To let go of fear

Magickal Color Reiki, by Linda Colibert
The attunement to Magickal Color Reiki connects you to spirit and enhances your magickal work and your lightwork with the power of color.
Magickal Color Reiki helps with healing, and manifesting your goals. Color magick is powerful, and knowing when and how to use it will bring healing to body, mind, and spirit.
Magickal Color Reiki instantly connects you to the energies of colors whenever you need them. And you may be surprised to discover that color energies can help you with just about anything from healing, protection, and even achieving your goals and dreams.

Manifestation Empowerment
This system incorporates a new manifestation symbol you can use with your manifestation work for whatever you would like to work on manifesting in your life  You can use the symbol by drawing it on the issues you wish to manifest and send it energy as well, the possibilities are endless.

Medicine Mandala Series, by Joanna Mullane
Joanna a Native American Elder has brought to us this Mandala Series. These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Medicine Mandala Series has 11 empowerments which include:

* Nature Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Divine Source Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Angel Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Abundance Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Creativity Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Gratitude Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Compassion Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Joy Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Healing Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Forgiveness Medicine Mandala Empowerment
* Love Medicine Mandala Empowerment
You will receive 11 distant attunements,  and 11 pdf manuals, one for each empowerment.  You can purchase each separately if you prefer, they are all listed separately on this page also, or purchase them all together.

Cost:  $145.00

Mental Flushes 1/2, by Stephanie Brail
The energetic “flushes” are popular to their ease of use and effectiveness.  These flushes work to clear out negative thoughtforms and patterns from the mental body.  This helps create a clear, peaceful mind.  These flushes are excellent to use to help with worry, stress, and obsession.  They can also hlep improve concentration and focus.

Meridian Flush Empowerments 1 and 2
It is suggested that it would be helpful for students to have opened their kundalini channel and have some experience with meridian 1 and Qi Gong before taking these empowerments for more benefit.  There is an explanation of meridian lines and directing Qi in the microcosmic orbit, diagrams, and an explanation of each meridian flush empowerment, and how to activate them.

Meridian Flush 3 and 4 (past and present)
A continuation of the original meridian flush empowerments 1 and 2, these new meridian flushes provide clearing for past issues and then provide rejuvenation and connection with the present moment.  If you have old baggage that you need to let go of, these meridian flushes will help.  It is recommended, but not required, that you receive meridian flushes 1 and 2 prior to receiving these energies.

Meridian flush Empowerments 5 and 6
A continuation of the meridan flushes, the Yin and Yang meridian flushes serve to balance out the male/female energies in the energetic and physical system.  By using these energies, you will enhance your spiritual growth as well as bring more equilibrium to your body.  Achieve inner harmony and become the best you can be by having a balanced energetic system.  It is not required that you receive the previous meridian flushes prior to receiving these energies.

Meridian Flushes 7 and 8, by Stephanie Brail
Meridian Flush levels 7 and 8 bring in positive energies of insight and inspiration, to uplift the spirit and help the individual follow their true life path. The energies are easy to use and activated by simple intention.  They work just as well in person or over a distance. They are an excellent compliment to Reiki or any other energy healing system.  Meridian Flushes 7 and 8 are the continuation of the meridian flush series, but do not need to be received after the first 6 flushes.  You can receive or share these energies with anyone regardless as to whether they have used the previous meridian flushes.

Meridian Flushes 9 and 10, by Stephanie Brail
Meridian Flush Levels 9 and 10 work on releasing resistance in order to increase the flow of the good and positive in life.  The energies are easy to use and activated by simple intention.  They work just as well in person or over distance.  They are an excellent compliment to Reiki or any other energy healing system.  They are a continuation of the meriidan flush series but do not need to be received after the first 8 flushes.

Money Reiki for a New Reality
Due to the acceleration of events and serious nature of the economic challenges we face, a new money reiki energy has been brought in to provide support during these times.  These new money reiki energies may not take your challenges completely away from you, but they will give you tools to better handle the challenges.
The energy of money reiki for a new reality is designed for weathering the global transition from the old energy to the new energy of money.  It works on three levels:
Personal: Provides a protective shift to allow personal prosperity in the midst of collective financial stress.  Helps create a bubble of prosperity around you and clears personal issues with money.
Group: Heals collective money issues and karma with family, friends, ancestors, your work colleagues, etc.
Global: Helps shift the money energy of the planet into a sustainable form of conscious capitalism. And there are 3 new symbols for each of these 3 levels, by Stephanie Brail, manual is 12 pages.

Nature Medicine Mandala Empowerment by Joanna Mullane
These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and well being. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.
The Nature Medicine within this empowerment was created to help one:
* Connect fully to the Earth Mother
* Connect the Faeries & Nature Spirits
* Feel grounded and more secure
* Connect to the Trees, Oceans, Rivers, all of Nature
* Connect with the Ancestors
* Connect to the energy of the Sacred Feminine
* Establish a deeper connection to ones Animal Guides
* Joy in everyday Spiritual Rituals & Sacred Rites
* Honor oneness w/ Mineral, Plant & AnimalKingdoms
* Work with Crystal Healing & Energies

Orb of  Abundance
This system will empower you to make better choices, move forward in your life and begin receiving increased abundance in all its forms, from the four corners of the earth.  This might be financial, new love coming into ones life; abundance can take many forms.  The orb of abundance works gently to clear obstacles, blocks and resistance that you may have to letting good, positive and abundant energy into your life.

Phenacite Crystal Empowerment, by Jay Burrell, Prerequisite:  The Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment
This is the second of a trilogy by Jay Burrell with the newest system not released yet.  The phenacite crystal empowerment is the second crystal system that he has created to aid in the spiritual development and ascension of whoever works with these modalities.  Where the stellar atom modiality works with the chakra system as well as your psychic development, the phenacite crystal empowerment continues this process of psychic development but also aids you in your connections to the masters, spirit guides and the archangels.
Phenacite is one of the highest frquency crystals that are available on the planet at this time.  It is highly sitmulating to the third eye chakra, and opens the crown chakra as well as the higher chakras. It facilitates deep meditation, promoting expansiveness and an “inner knowing”.  The phenacite crystal empoweremnt will aid you with the continuing process of accessing and stimulating your psychic energies and connections with the masters, your guides, the angelic realms, and all beings of light.  This intensified process of connection will take place through the placing of an etheric phenacite crystal into your crown and 3rd eye chakras as well as surrounding yoru entire auric field with the phenacite energies.

Phoenix Light Reiki, by Linda Colibert
The Phoenix is a bird of power, light, fire, and success. This bird represents all that allows you to rise higher, overcome obstacles, and transform yourself and your life into what you want it to be. The energies of this attunement surround you with pure light and illumination. The energies of the mythical Phoenix are powerful and in the process of accepting this energy you become stronger, more confident, and empowered. This attunement helps you to absorb and become One with the Phoenix.

Portal Reiki Healing and Empowerment by Linda Colibert
Portal Reiki Healing & Empowerment works to heal body, mind, and spirit. The energies grant empowerment as you learn how to use this energy for healing physical and emotional wounds, as well as working toward healing illness and disease. It also empowers you as the energies can assist you in manifesting abundance, success, and healthy relationships. The energy connects you with the highest source energy for healing and empowerment. This is a powerful energy that works on stubborn issues and hard to heal illnesses.

Protective Rose Camouflage, by Nicole Lanning
This works well in protection, especially from psychic attacks.  This is the ability to hide yourself from predators, as well as keeping yourself whole energetically and still being able to go about your daily life, work, or healing sessions.  When you call upn this, it will activate and hold its protective shield for 24 hours at a time.  Along with protection, this ysstem also incorporates the rose quartz attributes and properties to protect and heal.  It is an excellent overall protection, especially for empaths or people who take in other energies easily or are around alot of people.

Psychic Messages Reiki by Linda Colibert
Psychic Messages Reiki connects you quickly to higher light source energy to help you open your psychic centers and enhance your abilities to receive psychic messages. Working with the energies of this system will heighten your intuition, instincts, and psychic energies. You may find that you are more aware of psychic messages that come through visions, dreams, hearing, and other sensory methods. You will also find that your abilities to put together the pieces and understand the message will be heightened.

Psychic Orb Empowerment
This system is a brand new energy system that has been channelled by Jay Burrell to aid you in the development of your psychic abilities.  There are many systems available to us at these times which help with this development but the difference between this new system and other systems is that the psychic orb empowerment is easy to use and works almost immediately.  This does not mean you should not work on the development of your 3rd eye and crown chakras, it just means that it will open your psychic vision as soon as the attunement has been accepted and will continue to work every day thereafter.

Rainbow Essence Healing Empowerment, by Suzanne Dann
Learn to heal with Rainbow Light, and the essence of Rainbow Light.  Heal yourself, animals, the planet.  Protect yourself and your surroundings with rainbow light.  There is one simple colorful symbol to this system.  It is a simple, easy system anyone can use to heal themselves and others.  Learn to tap into the vibration of rainbow essence/light.

Rainbow Mandala Empowerment
This system is not a healing system.  Rainbow Mandala helps to open and expand ones compassion, meditative insight, and inner divinity, guiding the soul toward expressing its spiritual nature through its phyiscal limitations.  Rainbow Mandala works effectively at harmonizing the lower and higher chakras.  It gives a grounded presence, influencing alignment with the Earth. It also frees the spiritual capacities that tend to remain trapped in the upper energy centers to converge more fully throughout the body.  It also creates an emotional balance, structuring a protective field that allows the chakras to remain open without experiencing feelings of being overly exposed.  Promotes clairvoyance.

Recovery Reiki by Linda Colibert
Recovery Reiki connects to the unlimited healing energies of the Universal Creative Source Energy. This energy helps to heal and restore your personal energies. Anytime you have gone through changes, or face challenges, during times of loss, or trauma, there will be emotional and mental and even physical damage to your energy fields and personal power. Recovery Reiki works to quickly bring in healing and speed recovery for any illness, treatments, loss, trauma that you or others you love, may have experienced.

Reiki 7/8
Reiki level 7 is conveying a symbol that helps you to break free. Free from the dependence on things or people.  You will learn to find the source of happiness within yourself and your connection with the universal life force energy.  Reiki level 8 has a symbol which helps to find peace.  The Anthakarana symbol is introduced in addition and the attunement procedures are taught for level 7 and 8. The manual is 14 pages long and has meditations with each level and a new symbol with each level.  Prerequisite for this is Reiki 5/6.

Rejuvenation and Regeneration Reiki
Rejuvenation Regeneration Reiki connects you to the Source Energy and your Higher Self for healing, recharging, regeneration of your body, mind, and spirit. This system works in the physical realm to help with physical illness, aging, and etc. It also helps in the mental healing by working to regeneration and rejuvenation your mind and mental health. This system works to help rejuvenate and lift your spirit in a way that is very closely connected to the Source Energy. By being strongly connected to Source Energy in this way, you are able to not only heal all kinds of issues, but also consciously feel healthy, happy, and filled with love!

Releasing Shame Reiki
This system goes right to the heart of emotions that cause you to feel worthless and shameful. It works to release these emotions and to block you from those people who try so hard to keep you down and under their control. The energies bring a feeling of peace, and relief, as well as empowerment.

Releasing Toxic People, Places, And Things Reiki
Many people believe that the way to deal with toxic people, places, and things is to shield yourself from the negative energies. And while this is very true, I have been guided to channel this system to help you release toxicity in all areas of your life, because in extreme circumstances shielding is not quite enough and often, releasing some people, places, and things that are no longer for your higher good, is the only way to truly deal with this situation. This is very painful and often hard for most people to do. This attunement to Releasing Toxic People, Places, and Things Reiki, brings about changes that are often life altering in a positive way. You will be connected to The Higher Beings of Light, and Archangel Chamuel, Michael, and Raphael. This attunement helps you to release anything and any one who is toxic to you and your family. This brings healing, and protection. But the first step is releasing and stopping the toxic energies so that they do not constantly continue to surround you.

Road Opener Reiki by Linda Colibert
If you have ever felt blocked, unable to continue your path to success, or just feeling a lack of ability to create anything in your life, this system may be helpful  to you. We all experience times when we work very hard, but just cannot get anything done, or make any progress at all. This is most often caused by a blocked path. This blocked road to success can hold you back and prevent you from achieving your goals. We need to open the road to our success and happiness when this happens. Road Opener Reiki connects you quickly to the higher souce energies to remove blocks and open your path to success and happiness. It works for writer’s blocks, mental blocks, resistance of any kind, by removing these to open the road to your success and happiness. Once you use this energy, and the path is cleared, you will find that Road Opener Reiki helps to draw opportunities that were closed to you before. New and positive things flow to you easier. This is a great energy that has many positive effects in all areas of your life.

Sacred Indigo Ray for Indigo Children and Adults
The Indigo Phenomenon is the next step in our evolution as a human species.  We are all, in some way, becoming more like Indigo people.  They are here to show us the way, and so the information can be applied more generally to all of us as we make the transition to the next stage of our growth and evolution.
Indigo Children are born into the Sacred Indigo Ray of Incarnation and Evolution which gives access to the gifts of clairvoyance and healing.  Indigos have access to the 5th and 6th Dimensions of Consciousness.
Indigos are:  highly intelligent in their own way, they are here on a mission but need awakening to remember what the mission is, have unusual psychic and telekinetic abilities, have an affinity for knights, castles, and dragons, relate best to children or the elderly, and many have been put in special classes and/or labeled dyslexic, read more in the manual!

Sapphires Essence Attunement
Sapphire is one of the four recognized precious stones apart from the diamond, ruby and emerald.  Today the definition of sapphire is a bit wider.  The palette of this precious stone is versatile:  from fancy sapphires of orange color, pink, and orange, yellow, green, violet shade to translucent so called “leucosapphires”.  Be attuned to the energies of Sapphire!

Soul Connection
This system promotes the absorption of love and light and the integration of spirit and matter, expanding consciousness and soul connection.  The more that we deepen our awareness and connection with spirit through our soul the greater the quantity of healing light and love that is able to flow through all levels of our being.  As this light finally reaches deep into the cellular level of our phsysical body many profound changes take place as the cells and atoms of our body finally release the old patterns of density that have been formed over many incarnations.  This is literally what enlightenment is.  This essence helps to strengthen the connection with the soul and to remind our physical and energetic structures how to absorb and use  greater and greater quantities of light and love.

Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki, by Linda Colibert
This system connects you to Spirit, strengthens your abilities in animmal communication and understanding, and works to help you with ascension in the area of animals and nature.  This attunement also helps with healing both yourself and animals.  This system helps animals to cross over when it is time, and helps yourself and others to accept, understand, and cope with the loss of beloved animals.  The energies are loving and compassionate and help to ease this transition for the highest good.

Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment (psychic abilities), by Jay Burrell
This system is a new modality that has been been channeled by Jay Burrell to aid everyone who wants to work on developing their psychic abilites and reaching spiritual ascension.  Stellar Atom Crystals (Himalayan Diamonds) are a relatively new find emerging form the highest mountains on the planet.  Similar to Herkimer Diamonds, these are true healers for the new millenium, bringing in the golden ray for higher vibrational healing and attunement and helping one to “believe” stellar atom crystals enhance distinct awareness and unrestrained spontaneity.  The etheric crystal which will be placed in your 3rd eye and crown chakras will help to raise you to a higher vibration level.  This is achieved through activating the energies of the crystal via your intention and a little visualization.  This new empowerment will place an etheric stellar atom crystal into your crown and 3rd eye chakras to aid in developing and increasing any and all psychic abilities which we all have.

Twin Flame Reiki, by Linda Colibert
Twin Flame Reiki connects you to your Twin Flame and to Spirit for empowerment, enlightenment, and healing. The energies of this system opens the connection to your Twin Flame for an exchange of guidance, love, and light energies. Your Twin Flame is the Yin Yang half of you. While each of you are a complete spirit and soul, your Twin Flame reflects either the masculine or feminine –yang or yin side of you. The connection between you is very strong and once you connect energetically you will be able to exchange energy and wisdom.

The Goddess Hecate
As a triple goddess Hecate represents maiden, mother, and crone, mind, body, spirit, and birth, life, and death.  Hecate also represents the dark side of the moon which in turn represents the darker aspects of ourselves that we sometimes do not want to acknowledge.  Each aspect of Hecate also helps you with new beginnings, nurturing and protection.  Hecate is the keeper of mysteries which she imparts onto others who will take the step to work with her. Will you take the step towards working with Hecate?  This system is only for students who can hold the increased energy that this attunement and  working with Hecate can bring, from the founder, Jay Burrell.

Thor’s Hammer
An 11 page manual by Jay Burrell, the first in a series of Viking Energy.  This empowerment will connect you directly to the deity and all of their attributes as we all need to balance good and bad energies within us to become whole within ourselves.  This system will work on your spiritual progression to break down walls and barriers that are binding you from progressing on your spiritual path.

Universal Orb Empowerment, by Jay Burrell
This system has been channelled to aid you in the creation of spiritual etheric orbs which can be used to benefit not only your own spiritual life but also the lives of your friends, family members, clients, and even  our animal friends.  The creation of etheric orbs does not reuqire the use of symbols, mantras, or long drawn out rituals which can put some people off wanting to work with energy, all it takes is a little visualization and your pure heartfelt intention.  The creation of etheric orbs can be used for many situations such as attracting abundance, performing a healing session both in person and via  distance.  They can be used to bring balance and alignment to the chakra system.  You can also create angelic orbs and crystal orbs.  The universal orbs can also be used for protection against negative energies, psychic attack and entity attachment (this system cannot be a part of any special prices or sales such as 2 for 1)

Wild Thing..Positive Energy of Nature Spirits by Linda Colibert
Wild Thing is the essence of Nature Spirits—free, natural, beautiful, full of dance, music, joy, laughter, and sheer energy. She is the personal energy of the dryads, the fae, the greenwoman. She is wild, independent, and free spirited. She whirls through the fields and Meadow, and flowers bloom behind her. This energy system connects you to the wonderful, joyous, feminine energy of Nature Spirits. It is a very lovely energy that will brighten your day and empower you.