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Feedback on the Distance Courses and/or Attunements, and Healing Sessions received by people through Sacred Healing Light, by Suzanne:

*Also read TESTIMONIALS of Suzanne’s ThetaHealing® classes.

“Having taken a number of Suzanne’s Teleconference Courses, plus face-to-face sessions in Theta Healing, I can say that her work is extremely powerful! Suzanne is a gifted healer with an uncanny ability to release blocked thought patterns so that we can move forward on our divine journeys. I am fortunate to have experienced her Distant Attunements very powerfully. Suzanne certainly knows how to tap into and ride those “attunement frequency” waves!

Each vibratory experience was different, depending on the type of Reiki.  Some distance attunements were powerful, others soft and subtle.  I am happy to say that the healing energies running through my hands, when I intend to work with energy, has magnified with each Reiki level!

Suzanne, thank you so much for your energetic support and sound advice. You have helped me with your integrity, passion, and zest to move forward into my own healing work.”
Connie R., Texas,  Lightbody Practitioner and  Instructor

“Suzanne, when I was finally ready to embark on a new energy and healing journey after my husband’s stroke, I discovered your wonderful courses. It was definitely true for me that when the student is ready the teacher appears.
I have been so impressed with the many offerings in all kinds of energy work that are available from your online school. Each of the courses that I have taken has affected me differently. Each attunement has been a special connection to the energies of that specific area. Each has increased and cumulatively intensified the energy that I have been able to use for self healing and healing with others. Working with you has been a joy! I am very thankful for your presence and ongoing support.”
Julie R., Florida

“Suzanne, I am really opening up to the angels! Your angel therapy course is great! Thank you for offering these classes at a distance, there are not many instructors of this kind of work where I live. Your energy and content of materials is excellent, thank you! I want to thank you for all your help, I have really opened up spiritually, thanks to you!”
Sandy R., Wisconsin, Reiki Master

“Honestly, I have taken many different classes over the years but nothing has changed my life the way the Energy Therapy program has, it has all the tools you need to make the changes if you apply them. I actually feel like I am making a lot of progress and I actually am looking forward to going to the dentist now instead of being filled with fear and panic after our EFT/Theta Session.
I have gained a lot from our work together and your courses and I know others would as well. The Theta healing is by far the most intense healing I’ve ever experienced and I feel much lighter and happier since our session and I can’t wait to work with you again! I still feel like I am laughing inside and I am extremely excited about manifesting a new life. It feels like a rebirth in a lot of ways, I feel very ready to move on!”
L.S., Canada , Reiki Master

“I have taken numerous courses from Suzanne. I have enjoyed and benefited from them all. She is always there if you have any questions in regards to the courses. I’ve had a couple of past life readings done by her also. They brought a lot of insight to some issues I had been having and the healings that occurred as a result of the readings were great. I can’t thank her enough for all the help and insights she has given me.”
Jan M. Iowa, USA Reiki Master

“Suzanne, I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful experience this has been thus far with your angel therapy program! I have been enjoying your training and workbook very much! I have just loved all of the attunements with this and thank you so much for offering this wonderful course! I just wanted to say thank you!!”
In love and light,
Joanna M., Arizona, Reiki Master

“Dear Suzanne,
Wow…. when they say it’s like turning a 100 watt bulb to a 500 watt bulb they were right. When you started I felt a surge of golden light energy in front of me. Then it entered my solar plexus area with a jolt of pure unconditional love. I have never felt real unconditional love. I’ve said it before, but never really felt it. I saw hundreds of angels in front of me. And so much love. Almost more then I could handle, it was a very awesome experience!”
S. Wilson, Kentucky (distant attunement Reiki 2)

“Suzanne, your Reiki 2 manual is wonderful. I am tingling with energy just reading through it. WOW, thank you for such beautiful energy. I just received the Reiki 2 attunement from you over distance. Since contacting an almost fatal disease 10 years ago I’ve received many Reiki treatments and others and I have never felt the Divine energy you have. You are such a blessing. Thank you so much.”
With gratitude,
Jane P., New London CT, Reiki Practitioner

“Suzanne, It is nice to have a lovely soul who will show another soul the way and who is so generous with her time, help, and support. Your energy and attunements are amaazing and lovely! I can’t wait to take some more of the things you are offering. You’re truly an angel…and a blessing to me. I look forward to many more of your attunements and courses soon.”
Anna E., Baton Rouge, LA, Reiki Practitioner

“When I first found Suzanne’s website, I was so excited and amazed at the classes she offered. I could feel the positive energy of her website emanating from my screen. I knew right away there was much to learn there. Suzanne has been a caring, responsive, and informative teacher. It is always a joy to choose classes to take and see the new classes she offers every month. Her site is one of my favorites. Thank you, Suzanne for a beautiful site and offering lots of support to a distance healing newbie!”
J. Hill, California, Reiki Master

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