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I am honored to be a part of your spiritual journey.  This email is to let you know that I have received your order and you will be receiving another email within 48 hours or sooner with specific instructions, manuals, etc.

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heartIf you have ordered Chios Energy Healing, you will need to order the book that is part of the class through Amazon if you have not already done so.  Once you have received that, please let me know and we can set up the first attunement process.

If you have ordered any Lightarian courses, please verify your shipping address for me through email as the manuals will need to be shipped to you through postal mail.  The process takes between 1-2 weeks after I receive your order.

If you have ordered Reiki or any other kinds of attunements, after verifying your email is correct, I will be emailing you the PDF manuals and instructions for the attunements.  If you have ordered teleseminars or manuals, or any distance programs,  I will be sending those to you in another email also.

If you have ordered ThetaHealing® classes or in person certification classes or Access Bars classes, I will need additional information from you:

  • For Access Bars® classes, I will need all your information, your mailing address, your email, your phone number, the name you would like on your certificate to register you.
  • For In Person Certification classes, I will need your email, name you would like on your certificate, and phone number.
  • For ThetaHealing® classes, I need your email that you are registered with through THINK if you have taken prior classes; if you are new to ThetaHealing I need your email you would like to be registered with, the name you would like on your certificate, your phone number and mailing address.

I think that about covers it for any orders!  Main thing I need is a current and valid email that you check frequently as that is how I will communicate with you going forward.  So once you verify your email I will be sending you more information and instructions to move forward with what you ordered.

The world is awakening! I look forward to sharing your spiritual awakening with you whatever stage you are in. My goal is to empower you to be the best version of “you” you can be, live your life purpose, and live with grace, joy, peace, and love.

Founder of Sacred Healing Light

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