Private Theta Sessions

chapel angel$125.00 for 1 hr session

3 1 hr. session price, $350.00

6 one hr. sessions price, $625.00 (1 hr. free!)

Last week’s session with you was a miracle. My upper back was extremely uncomfortable, and despite the previous clearing (definite relief) and physical bodywork, I got worse. I got to the point where I could barely breathe, or lift arms. I couldn’t sleep and I was in so much pain- I’m used to emotional pain, but not physical. Then I contacted you, and after our 20 minute session, I was a different person! Why didn’t I call you first?? That history level stuff can be tough to work on yourself, and your insights were clearly invaluable. Thank you!! After a good night’s sleep, I woke up totally changed mood, totally pain free.
Patty, Michigan

Suzanne’s work as a Theta healer and teacher are nothing short of remarkable. Suzanne has the gift and touch of recognizing your Uniqueness and has the amazing ability to find what you may feel is “keeping you Stuck” in your life.  Suzanne has helped me in great detail to move forward in my life.  Suzanne is in such joy in bringing Theta as a healer and as a teacher to the world. You can not ask for a more powerful gifted person to cross your path at the right time, which is Now!
Rhonda, Theta Practitioner, California

ThetaHealing is a miracle.  In Jan. ’09 I fell and was diagnosed with a torn rotary cuff.  The MRI showed also a previous injury and the muscle was completely detached from the bone.  After consultations with three different surgeons, it was decided surgery might not help me due to the severity and age of the injury.  I resigned myself to a life of very limited motion in my left arm.  I had read about ThetaHealing and wanted to try it.  Through one session with Suzanne, I have complete rotation in my arm now.  It is a miracle.
Diane Everson, Edgerton, Wisconsin