What is ThetaHealing® Technique?

Large-thinklogoself-245x300ThetaHealing® Technique was founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995, when she was told that she had bone cancer and there was no cure.  Vianna went up to Creator and asked for help because she believed she could be cured and knew she was not meant to die with three small children to take care of. The Creator instantly healed Vianna and told her to go out and teach this to the world. Vianna has been completely cured since then and travels the world teaching Theta Healing®Technique. Theta Healing®Technique is a meditation process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator of All That Is.

To do this, you go into a Theta Brain Wave state, which is a very relaxed, meditative state of mind. You connect with the seventh plane of existence and the Creator of All That Is, and this is where you command for the healing and then witness it taking place, which is part of the process. You can do this for yourself and others. This can be done in person or over distance, the actual Theta Healing®Technique. The Theta classes however, can only be taught in person.

Suz-Vianna-2-e1410922415128Sessions are co-created with Divine Source/ Creator and instant healing can take place. Beliefs can be  transformed on every level; core, history, genetic, and soul levels. Healing can take place with DNA activations, transforming negative thought forms, changing limiting beliefs, healing past lives, genetic healing, physical healing, emotional healing, feeling work, and much, much more.

Teaching a person to live without fear on a daily basis can be life changing if the person has never lived without fear and doesn’t know how to. Also, experiencing unconditional love or joy for the first time can be life changing if a person has never experienced this. With Theta you can be taught different feelings and also how to change limiting beliefs that are not serving your highest good. Changing a belief of “I’m not good enough” can also be life changing if a person has never felt “good enough” their whole life.

Theta-Science-LOGO-300x200You can literally change and re-write your feelings and beliefs to heal your body and world you live in to re-create every aspect of your life. You can heal resentments, regrets, guilt, sadness, a broken heart, physical issues, spiritual issues, and any number of emotional issues.  Miraculous healing and miracles can take place from this Theta state and the connection to the Creator.

I received my teacher training and certification for the Basic and Advanced Theta classes from the founder, Vianna Stibal in Idaho, July 2008.  I returned to Idaho and completed all of the classes to receive my Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®Technique the summer of 2010. I received my Master’s of Science in Theta Healing®Technique and am certified to teach all of the Practitioner classes. I recertified for my certificate of Science the summer of 2014 taking DNA3 teachers, and also the three new classes; Family Ties, Dig Deeper, and Planes of Existence.

General Class Info

The classes all include books or manuals,  a certificate suitable for framing upon completion of the class, certifying you as a Theta Healing Practitioner.   These classes will change your life!  Please visit Vianna’s official ThetaHealing®Technique website for more information.  Also refer to Vianna’s THINK-Institute of Knowledge website.

All deposits and fees for the classes are non-refundable.  Once you commit, details are organized such as ordering materials for the class, food and other supplies for a class, and renting a room for the class if applicable.   If there is an emergency and you can’t attend the class, you can make your choice of another class with me at any time.

“Suzanne Dann is a compassionate and generous teacher and healer. I cannot express how much I enjoyed taking the Theta Healing Basic DNA class with her. I personally benefited tremendously from her ability with the Creator to gently and sensitively heal past life traumas. For anyone who is looking for a gentle life transformation to begin practicing Theta Healing on oneself and/or others I highly recommend Suzanne!”
Lori Slocomb Madison, WI