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Alternative Healing Distance Courses & Retreats with Suzanne Dann

Deep Healing One-on-One Personal Retreat

Would you like to experience a one-on-one Sacred Healing Light Retreat with me in my Home which is set up as Sacred Space?...


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Would you like to experience a one-on-one Sacred Healing Light Retreat with me in my Home which is set up as Sacred Space?  In the Beauty of the Red Rocks of the Sedona Arizona area? We can schedule your own dates for this retreat after we talk. Once you have paid we can have an initial phone conversation to talk about things if you are traveling, what your needs are, and what you would like to focus on in your retreat, etc. and lock in the dates.

This Retreat can be personalized for YOU. It can be a Deep Healing Retreat, where we focus on areas you are stuck in life and are having trouble moving forward; it can be a Relaxing and Healing and “Me” retreat where you pamper yourself with bath soaks, meditation, quiet time, essential oils, detox foot bath, infrared heat sauna, relaxing in nature, massage, or other energy work, chakra healing, healthy eating, and more. It could be a combination of these things and also time out on the Land of the Red Rocks for part of your time. I am open to all possibilities for this.

You will leave the Retreat on the 4th day feeling relaxed, renewed, and with tools on how to live in the moment, and experience peace and joy in your life.

The price for a One-On-One Sacred Healing Light Retreat is $800. This can be paid in full or you can make 3 monthly payments on this through paypal if you wish. The three monthly payments must be paid by the start of your retreat.  The two options to pay are below. A third option to pay is with a 10% discount, (which would be $80 off) is by cash or cashiers check. Part to be paid before the start of the retreat (2-4 weeks) and part you can bring with you if you choose when you start the retreat.  You can contact me about this option. This price includes everything but your transportation to get here and your evening meals. You will be staying with me and have your own private bathroom and bedroom and the price includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages.  The Retreat is 3 full days with an introduction/meeting the evening before, and a recap of everything on the 4th day when you leave.

*When you place your order, please use the email address you use most often for communication. You will be emailed information for/about your order.*