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Dragon Lightwork Trilogy, by Linda Colibert

The Dragon LightWorker Trilogy connects you to the energies of Dragons in three levels of attunements.



The Dragon LightWorker Trilogy connects you to the energies of Dragons in three levels of attunements.  The three major ones you will be attuned to and work within the Dragon LightWorker Trilogy are:

Level 1: Dragons of Magickal Wells and Springs
The Dragons of Magickal Wells and Springs, protect these sacred areas and the energies associated with them.  They will not allow any negative or dark energies to Magickal energies of these sacred waters, and they will not allow any corruption of your positive intentions as you do LightWork or Positive Magick.

Level 2: Dragons of the Mystical Winds
This Dragon asks you if you are ready to go on a journey to higher realms of self-discovery. If you answer yes, the Dragon of Mystical Winds will allow you to climb onto its back and will fly away with you – higher, into the clouds. Positive energies fill you and you feel alive and energized. Inspiration and messages of how to solve problems come to you and you remember and understand.

Level 3: Dragons of Mother Gaia’s Heart
The Mother Goddess Gaia will send you blessings of abundance in all areas of your life. To draw abundance and prosperity to you, use the symbol and run the energies. Ask the Dragons of Gaia’s Heart to guide you to opportunities, and to draw to you all that you need for the highest good.  You can use these energies to help you with healing, manifestation, and for protection.

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