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Enchanted Aquamarine Essence Energy, by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Aquamarine is associated with working with Kuan Yin.



Aquamarine is associated with working with Kuan Yin.  A stone of courage and serenity….clear light blue, blue-green, this lovely and gentle gem evokes the sea in both its name and its color.  This stone opens up the psychic.  If you are especially sensitive to the thoughts and vibrations of other people, wear aquamarine with smoky quartz as this combination will ease the sharpness of the incoming impressions, and the quartz will help to ground you in the physical.  Healing Properties: can help eliminate fluid retention by strengthening the kidneys, liver, spleen and thyroid, thus purifying the general.  This stone also has a beneficial effect on the thyroid, and is helpful to most all throat and neck ailments.  It also diminishes problmes with eyes, ears and stomach, relieves cough and can ease depression and grief.

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