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Phenacite Crystal Empowerment, by Jay Burrell

This is the second of a trilogy by Jay Burrell with the newest system not released yet.


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Prerequisite:  The Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment

This is the second of a trilogy by Jay Burrell with the newest system not released yet. The phenacite crystal empowerment is the second crystal system that he has created to aid in the spiritual development and ascension of whoever works with these modalities. Where the stellar atom modality works with the chakra system as well as your psychic development, the phenacite crystal empowerment continues this process of psychic development but also aids you in your connections to the masters, spirit guides, and the archangels.

Phenacite is one of the highest frequency crystals that are available on the planet at this time. It is highly stimulating to the third eye chakra and opens the crown chakra as well as the higher chakras. It facilitates deep meditation, promoting expansiveness and an “inner knowing”. The phenacite crystal empowerment will aid you with the continuing process of accessing and stimulating your psychic energies and connections with the masters, your guides, the angelic realms, and all beings of light. This intensified process of connection will take place through the placing of an etheric phenacite crystal into your crown and 3rd eye chakras as well as surrounding your entire auric field with the phenacite energies.

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