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Spirit Guide Journey Activation Program by Tracey Loper

The Spirit Guide Activation Program has seven activations to aid you in communication with your Spirit Guides.



The Spirit Guide Activation Program has seven activations to aid you in communication with your Spirit Guides.

Psychic Protection Activation
This activation activates a shield of psychic protection which acts as an energy that envelopes us and blocks out intrusive vibrations or malicious, negative, lower vibrations from other sources.
Grounding Activation
The grounding activation will keep you in your body, conscious of your surroundings and present and available for whatever happens and create an energy connection to spirit.
Third Eye Activation
It will lift your senses – not just vision but what you hear, sense, touch, smell and know intuitively. It can aid you in seeing Auras, Guides, Angels, Higher Beings. It will unfold your power of clairvoyance, bring you greater abilities to focus and concentrate, sharpen intuitive abilities.
Energy Bodies Clearing Activation
This activation will restore balance and harmony to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It will work to clear any blockages or barriers you have to Spirit Guide Communication.
Meditation Activation
This activation will help you to discipline yourself to begin and maintain a meditation routine inclusive of establishing Guide contact and communication.  It will raise your vibrations and energies so that you attract higher vibrations such as Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters.
Spirit Guides and Higher Beings Activation
These include your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Animal Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangel Team, Ascended Masters team and any other Higher Beings of Light that work with you.
Dream Activation
This activation will assist you in remembering dreams from Spirit Guides and Angels or other Higher Beings in your dreams. It enhances your ability to interpret your dreams so that you can retrieve the important Spiritual Messages that are conveyed to you in your dream state.

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