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Alternative Healing Distance Courses & Retreats with Suzanne Dann

3 Spiritual/Soul Healing Sessions

Three 1-Hour Healing Sessions with Suzanne.




What is a Spiriutal/Soul Healing Session?

It is a combination of everything I do, have learned, have experienced, and have been certified in.  Each session is individual and different, even with the same person.  I ask you what you would like to work on or change and that opens the door for me to connect with your higher self and soul to activate healing and empower you.  I believe in healing on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, which are all connected.

We may work from Abraham’s Emotional Healing Scale for Deep Power Wash type healing, we may look at your physical body, diet, stress, and lifestyle.  We may look at your stress and sleep patterns and hormone imbalances and microbes.  We may look at your Divine purpose and Timing, your life purpose and any blocks you have to that.  These are just a few of the things we may look at.  Other things may be the lack of Abundance or Love in your life, Past traumas or shock, childhood issues that need healing, relationship healing, and how to live in peace, joy, and love.

These healing sessions can be done over distance by phone or in person.  Each one is different and there may be layers to some things.  I use my intuition and life experience and training to tap into what you need for each session.

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