I have written several ebooks, starting with the topics of the distance certification programs I offer.  The price of each of them is $5.00 and they are a shorter version of the certification program.  The certification program is much more detailed on the topic than the ebook.  The ebooks give you a very good introduction to each topic.  I will be adding new ones each month and also one on detox and cannabis health benefits, and more!

1.  Energy Healing Ebook, this ebook is 58 pages long and touches on many aspects of Energy Healing, such as Grounding, Protection, Centering, Chakras, Auras, Crystals, Intuition, Meditation, Psychic Senses and more!

Energy Healing Ebook $5.00

   2.  Crystal Healing Ebook, this ebook is 48 pages long and touches on the many aspects of Crystals and Crystal Healing, such as storing and displaying crystals, choosing crystals, cleanings crystals, crystal healing, balancing chakras, crystal altars, crystal grids, properties of crystals, and more!

Crystal Healing Ebook $5.00

3.  Angel Healing Ebook, this ebook is 25 pages and explores such topics as Who and What are Angels?,  Guardian Angels, 4 Main Archangels, How to connect with Angels, Angel Meditation, Healing With Angels, Angel Technicians, Angel Readings, Grounding and Protection, and more!

Angel Healing Ebook $5.00

Special for the summer is the certification program that goes with each of these Ebooks.  If you purchase any of these programs, they are more detailed and come with many manuals and the Angel and Crystal programs have attunements with them also.  There is an exam with each of the programs and you are certified as a Practitioner of each upon completion of the program.  Look under “Certification Programs” on the main page for more details and pricing on each of these programs.

4.  Fairy Healing Ebook

5.  Past Life Healing Ebook

6.  Animal Healing Ebook

7.  Manifestation Ebook

8.  Living in Joy Ebook

9.  Living in Abundance Ebook

10.  Cannabis Health Benefits Ebook