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Suzanne-Dann-2016Young Living Essential Oils!  I would love to share with you about these wonderful oils.  I have a page here on this site (top tool bar) and I also have a separate YL Oils site here.  I have created a free Facebook class/group here, which is an introduction to the oils you can join and if you like that you can sign up for part 2 free.  More class in the near future to come.

From now through August 31st the Angel Healing Practitioner Program is on sale for just $109!  Here is the link: https://sacredhealinglight.com/accredited-programs/angel-therapy/

Founder of Sacred Healing Light™, Suzanne Dann of Sedona, AZ offers ThetaHealing® Technique classes in person and sessions over distance. Suzanne is certified in Thetahealing by the founder, Vianna Stibal to teach all of the Thetahealing Practitioner Classes.  She is also certified by the World Metaphysical Association and the American Council of Holistic Healers to teach all of the other Energy Healing courses she teaches in person and over distance.

Sacred Healing Light w/Suzanne DannAt this time I am focusing on distance programs in various types of energy work certification programs keeping it affordable for lightworkers! You can read more about each of them here.  

2016 Thetahealing Class Schedule, Classes in Sedona, AZ:

October Thetahealing InPerson Classes in Sedona
Basic Class October 8-10
Advanced Class October 13-15
Dig Deeper Class October 18-19
(take all three classes for 8 day Power Workshop and save $150!)
Click Here for 8 day power workshop

December Thetahealing InPerson Classes in Sedona
Basic Class December 2-4
Advanced Class December 7-9
Dig Deeper Class December 11-12
(take all three classes for 8 day Power Workshop and save $150!)
Click Here for 8 day power workshop

(For more class dates please view calendar, payment plans through paypal are available for all classes)

“Thank you for all of your hard work you have put into your manuals and attunements.  It shines through and is greatly appreciated.  You can feel the love and energy from Suzanne with each word.  She helped me discover who I really am and what I have to offer.”
Thank you Suzanne for everything!
Deanne Wanner, Canada

‘How can I ever explain the healing that has taken place since working with Suzanne and Sacred Healing Light? After 2 Thetahealing sessions I felt a palpable shift and obstacles that were in my way no longer hindered my path. Her intuitive, honest, non judgmental presence really facilitates the highest good for any person creating their own path to wellness on all levels. She has written many manuals teaching her craft and is truly guided by divine light. Thank you, Suzanne for being exactly who you are and sharing your gifts with so many.’
Tonya June Moore, Sedona, AZ
Love Out Loud – lol