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Alternative Healing Distance Courses & Retreats with Suzanne Dann

SHL Testimonials

Feedback on the Distance Courses and/or Attunements, and Healing Sessions received by people through Sacred Healing Light, by Suzanne:

*Also read TESTIMONIALS of Suzanne’s ThetaHealing® classes.
Tonya June Moore, Sedona, AZ
Love Out Loud – lol

Thank You for Sharing Your Gifts with So Many

How can I ever explain the healing that has taken place since working with Suzanne and Sacred Healing Light? After 2 healing sessions I felt a palpable shift and obstacles that were in my way no longer hindered my path. Her intuitive, honest, non judgmental presence really facilitates the highest good for any person creating their own path to wellness on all levels. She has written many manuals teaching her craft and is truly guided by divine light. Thank you, Suzanne for being exactly who you are and sharing your gifts with so many.

​Grace A., Wisconsin

Anxiously Await My Next Class

I was very excited about taking Suzanne’s classes. Rightly so; each day I could feel the release of the tension in my body from everything I was experiencing and releasing. The transformation in how I see things now only a few days after the completion of my classes is truly enlightening and powerful. I have never taken in so much information so effortlessly and felt such a state of continuous relaxation. I have never felt such peace. The atmosphere, the information, the food, and more importantly the perfect instructor who really cares about her students were all a part of my wonderful experience. I anxiously await my next class with Suzanne. You will be so happy you have taken a class or classes with Suzanne.

​Stephanie, Arizona

Love, Light and Gratitude

I want to express my deepest appreciation for all you did yesterday. Thank you for holding a safe sacred space so I could look at and heal some of the scariest and darkest parts of myself. Thank you for your gentleness in allowing me to process and eventually permit myself to let go of all that old “stuff”. Thank you for your profound and powerful prayers! You are an amazing, compassionate healer and I am so grateful that you are part of my Divine Timing! I know this integration will take some time, yet I woke this morning feeling excited to discover who I really am, fully in my own energy. My heart is bursting at the seams, I feel like anything is possible, and this is because of you! Your healing set me free!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

Patti Coppola,CT

One of the Best Choices of My Life

It is with deep gratitude that I write this...when I decided to study Chios it was not something I took lightly, I researched a lot of the teachers on the website ... your website not only was impressive but a touch warmer than the others, anyway... choosing you was one of the best choices of my life! You were kind, patient and inspiring ... finding you, has been a life-changing experience for me, I love the Usui Reiki course and the manuals you wrote, they are easy to understand & enjoyable to read...thank you so much for helping on my life path ... I endorse you fully to anyone who is interested in the things you offer ... you're the best! this has been such a fun journey, and I am looking forward to doing many more courses with you!!!

Linda Abramov, Arizona

The Energy is Real and Strong!

That Attunement was something out of this world. I completely lost track of time at work but as soon as Suzanne started the Attunement,  as though a rug was being pulled out from under me. The energy is real and strong! I can’t wait for my 2nd and 3rd Attunement. I strongly recommend Suzanne to anyone and everyone interested in Reiki.

Connie, WI

A Total Change Happened

As I received the attunement my body went through a change. I felt my entire physical body get healed of old energy that was hanging around. Old places where an injury occurred years ago. My foot spontaneously healed. I was buzzing and pulsing and popping.  No part of me was untouched. A complete release of the energy of unworthiness occurred. I used to get wet eyes when a huge dose of light poured into my being. A total change happened. No more tears, simply an openess and bliss as the light pored in. Very different.  I am seeing my physical body in xray. I am seeing my energy body for the first time. I saw the links between the different energy bodies: physical, mental, emotional, electrical. I drew the master symbol all over myself and felt reiki in a huge new way. Huge. So here I sit, blown away and full of gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you ...

Annie, Florida, USA

Offers a Supportive Environment

My experience taking courses, receiving attunements, and ThetaHealing sessions with Suzanne has been exceptional. Suzanne is compassionate, a great listener, and offers a supportive environment for learning, growing, and healing! If I had to choose one thing that stands out the most about her, it would be she is very responsive and timely when you reach out to her with questions or for support. She is a very wise and gifted teacher who has taught me to live life with ease, joy, and grace. Thank you, Suzanne, for being the caring and compassionate person that you truly are inside and out.

Jackie R., Delaware
Reiki Master

Made a Dramatic Difference in My Life

Suzanne’s courses have made a dramatic difference in my life.  I now teach Reiki, and am learning Theta.  I have developed a strong relationship with AA Michael, and am channeling many Reiki symbols to help heal animals.  I have learned how to manifest abundance and prosperity in all aspects of my life. Suzanne is a caring, professional healer and teacher who can be trusted to provide the best possible help for anyone ready to change his or her life.

Maria A.

So Illuminating

I loved the energy healing practitioner was so illuminating. I have benefitted so much from it. Thank you so much!

Robert Beldzik

A Privilege

I just wanted to express my gratitude to have taken your course.  I enjoyed all the information you empowered us with. The great thing is that this knowledge resonates on many levels,  the more I worked on myself and others,  especially taking the time to connect to many different crystals the deeper I was allowed to go. I really enjoyed your healing techniques,  and hope to apply them and many other new ones, what a privilege it is to be able to help others in need in this very special way.

Connie R., Texas
Lightbody Practitioner and Instructor

Energetic Support and Sound Advice

Having taken a number of Suzanne’s Teleconference Courses, plus face-to-face and sessions in Theta Healing, I can say that her work is extremely powerful! Suzanne is a gifted healer with an uncanny ability to release blocked thought patterns so that we can move forward on our divine journeys. I am fortunate to have experienced her Distant Attunements very powerfully. Suzanne certainly knows how to tap into and ride those “attunement frequency” waves! Each vibratory experience was different, depending on the type of Reiki.  Some distance attunements were powerful, others soft and subtle.  I am happy to say that the healing energies running through my hands, when I intend to work with energy, has magnified with each Reiki level! Suzanne, thank you so much for your energetic support and sound advice. You have helped me with your integrity, passion, and zest to move forward into my own healing work.

Julie R., Florida

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

When I was finally ready to embark on a new energy and healing journey after my husband's stroke, I discovered your wonderful courses. It was definitely true for me that when the student is ready the teacher appears. I have been so impressed with the many offerings in all kinds of energy work that are available from your online school. Each of the courses that I have taken has affected me differently. Each attunement has been a special connection to the energies of that specific area. Each has increased and cumulatively intensified the energy that I have been able to use for self healing and healing with others. Working with you has been a joy! I am very thankful for your presence and ongoing support.

Sandy R., Wisconsin
Reiki Master

Your Angel Therapy Course is Great!

Suzanne, I am really opening up to the angels! Your angel therapy course is great! Thank you for offering these classes at a distance, there are not many instructors of this kind of work where I live. Your energy and content of materials are excellent, thank you! I want to thank you for all your help, I have really opened up spiritually, thanks to you!

L.S., Canada
Reiki Master

I Am Looking Forward

Honestly, I have taken many different classes over the years but nothing has changed my life the way the Energy Therapy program has, it has all the tools you need to make the changes if you apply them. I actually feel like I am making a lot of progress and I actually am looking forward to going to the dentist now instead of being filled with fear and panic after our EFT/Theta Healing Session. I have gained a lot from our work together and your courses and I know others would as well. The Theta healing is by far the most intense healing I've ever experienced and I feel much lighter and happier since our session and I can't wait to work with you again! I still feel like I am laughing inside and I am extremely excited about manifesting a new life. It feels like a rebirth in a lot of ways, I feel very ready to move on!

Jan M. Iowa
Reiki Master

Brought a Lot of Insight

I have taken numerous courses from Suzanne. I have enjoyed and benefited from them all. She is always there if you have any questions in regards to the courses. I've had a couple of past life readings done by her also. They brought a lot of insight to some issues I had been having and the healings that occurred as a result of the readings were great. I can't thank her enough for all the help and insights she has given me.

Joanna M., Arizona
Reiki Master

In Love and Light

Suzanne, I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful experience this has been thus far with your angel therapy program! I have been enjoying your training and workbook very much! I have just loved all of the attunements with this and thank you so much for offering this wonderful course! I just wanted to say thank you!!

Patty C., Michigan

Insights Were Clearly Invaluable

Last week’s session with you was a miracle. My upper back was extremely uncomfortable, and despite the previous clearing (definite relief) and physical bodywork, I got worse. I got to the point where I could barely breathe, or lift arms. I couldn’t sleep and I was in so much pain- I’m used to emotional pain, but not physical. Then I contacted you, and after our 30-minute session, I was a different person! Why didn’t I call you first?? That history level stuff can be tough to work on yourself, and your insights were clearly invaluable. Thank you!! After a good night’s sleep, I woke up in a totally changed mood, totally pain-free.

Rhonda, California
Thetahealing Practitioner

Nothing Short of Remarkable

Suzanne’s work as a Theta healer and teacher is nothing short of remarkable; beyond what you can hope for. Suzanne has the gift and touch of recognizing your Uniqueness and has the amazing ability to find what you may feel is “keeping you Stuck” in your life. Removing blocks of confusion, stress, addictions, low self-esteem, Money and relationship problems, depression and chronic illness, are just a few of the “issues” she is able to help anyone with. I have known Suzanne for a long time; her own journey into Wholeness is nothing less than a Miracle itself… Then one on one sessions with Suzanne were so healing for me. I can not say enough about Suzanne and her work…Suzanne is in such joy in bringing Theta as a healer and as a teacher to the world. You can not ask for a more powerful gifted person to cross your path at the right time, which is Now!!

Arvel Bird, Arizona

Intuitive Anatomy

The “Intuitive Anatomy” course I took from Suzanne Dann has made a big difference in my life. I was able to come to realizations of beliefs about things that I had thought I’d already dealt with and healed, but the “Intuitive Anatomy” course made me dig deeper using each body system to explore hidden negative emotions and beliefs that I am so thankful to have been able to heal and let go of. Now I find myself living most of the time in the space of the 7th Plane. There is more joy in my life; more energy; a greater ability to give and receive love; a greater ability to feel compassion for other people. I’m a much calmer person now. I’m a better husband. I can focus and concentrate better now and professionally as a musician I am no longer holding anything back when I perform.I feel connected to source, and other people have taken notice as well telling me that I seem to be playing at a whole new level, of energy, of confidence, of certainty, more grounded, unafraid to be totally present on stage, connecting honestly with the audience and taking my music where I’ve never gone before. In short, I feel awesome. I’m experiencing what it feels like to live with Grace and Ease. It’s a part of my daily life now. Suzanne is wonderful to work with. Her kindness and patience are inspiring. She has made my list of “Who are my Heroes and Heroines?” I can only hope that I can become as good a teacher and healer as she is now. If you’re ready for change if you’re ready to become the awesome person you were born to be then you must take this course. Thank you, Suzanne.

Stephanie, Arizona

Love, Light, and Gratitude

I want to express my deepest appreciation for all you did yesterday. Thank you for holding a safe sacred space so I could look at and heal some of the scariest and darkest parts of myself. Thank you for your gentleness in allowing me to process and eventually permit myself to let go of all that old “stuff”. Thank you for your profound and powerful prayers! You are an amazing, compassionate healer and I am so grateful that you are part of my Divine Timing! I know this integration will take some time, yet I woke this morning feeling excited to discover who I really am, fully in my own energy. My heart is bursting at the seams, I feel like anything is possible, and this is because of you! Your healing set me free!!! Thank you, thank you!!!  

Grace A., Wisconsin

Anxiously Await My Next Class

I was very excited about taking Suzanne’s classes. Rightly so; each day I could feel the release of the tension in my body from everything I was experiencing and releasing. The transformation in how I see things now only a few days after the completion of my classes is truly enlightening and powerful. I have never taken in so much information so effortlessly and felt such a state of continuous relaxation. I have never felt such peace. The atmosphere, the information, the food, and more importantly the perfect instructor who really cares about her students were all a part of my wonderful experience. I anxiously await my next class with Suzanne. You will be so happy you have taken a class or classes with Suzanne.  

Vikki, New York City

Intuitive Anatomy Class

Thanks again for the Intuitive Anatomy Class. You are the perfect teacher for this class. You were so grounded, compassionate, and nurturing as our many “issues” came up but still made sure we learned how to heal ourselves! I’m also so glad we ended with the animal communication class! So fun! A great way to end our time together. I hope to be able to do more classes with you in Sedona in the future.

Dr. Jerri Eddington, Arizona

I Was Able to Clear Many of My Issues

Suzanne made me feel “connected” the first moment I saw her. I quickly learned she is a compassionate, loving teacher and healer. She was able to support and hold space for each individual in the class. I wanted ThetaHealing to be another training/skill to add to my tool bag. I have taken several spiritual/holistic healing trainings over the last several years. I have worked on a variety of core childhood issues for years. During the ThetaHealing classes, I was able to clear many of my issues on a deeper level. I had a 95% hearing loss in my right ear. Two years ago I had surgery to repair my middle ear. The doctor was not able to complete the operation due to the infection throughout my entire ear that no one knew was there. Six months later the doctor was able to rebuild my inner hear. My hearing greatly improved…almost to the normal levels. Things were OK for awhile. Several months ago I started getting ear infection after ear infection. I went to the ear doctor a few weeks before I took the ThetaHealing classes. My hearing had greatly declined. The day of my doctor appointment I used ThetaHealing to pull the limited belief that I couldn’t hear. I replaced it with the belief that I could hear perfectly, loud and clear with my eardrum intact. I had a hearing test before I met with the doctor. The doctor said my hearing was almost back to the level it was after my second surgery. My hearing had improved greatly! I am looking forward to taking the Intuitive Anatomy class with Suzanne.

Tiffany Powers
Certified Thetahealing ® Instructor & Practitioner

Feeling So Much Clearer

When I first came to the Family Ties class I knew I still had a lot of work to do with my family. I had some deeply embedded beliefs … and even though I had done a lot of work with healing abuse and dysfunctional relationships…it was still showing up in my life. This class helped me to work on those things as well as obesity in my family. I am feeling so much clearer after the class and I feel like I can move forward without carrying my families programs that are no longer serving me. I am so grateful!

Diane, Canada

A Genuine, Great Facilitator

The 7 Day Power Class was Amazingly wonderful in Sedona! It was very relaxed, but I received a lot of information in such an easy, gentle manner. Thanks for being such a genuine, great facilitator and for all the little extras you did for us. It was a wonderful place with wonderful people. I would recommend this experience to anyone! Thanks and Blessings …

Tiffany Powers, California
ThetaHealing Practitioner & Teacher / Tiffany Powers Healing

Dig Deeper

The Dig Deeper class is a really great class to learn how to dig deeper on yourself and others. I really appreciated it because I do a lot of digging sessions with clients. It was nice to discuss digging and have digging work done on me! We healed a lot of big things in the class and I felt so refreshed afterward. I had been carrying a lot of stuff around and I was grateful to let it go!

Lynne, AZ
ThetaHealing Practitioner and Teacher


"The Planes of Existence class might be the most life-changing of all the ThetaHealing classes I’ve taken. In just 3 days I could see how a few people and old commitments no longer matched who I am and what I want. So I made changes in who is in my life and how I spend my time. I saw my classmates get clarity and drop the old and move forward in their lives too. The class was so powerfully life changing I’d like to take it again."

Tiffany Powers
ThetaHealing Practitioner and Teacher

I am Speaking My Truth

“Wow Planes of Existence class was incredible. It was so high vibrational at times I had to re-ground myself because I felt like my human body couldn’t understand it. Then I would reground and come back and was able to focus and get the information. Wow, the information was very powerful. We had many interesting things happen in class. I was able to go back in my DNA and heal vices that my ancestors had and also bring forward virtues that they had into my life today. We also learned that by having fallen and entities on you or around you … or even on someone in your life it can keep you in a lower vibration and stuck in the fifth plane energy. I learned how to speak my truth and just tell it as it is with love. What a huge lesson for me! I am so grateful! I am ready to ascend now and after this class, my life has changed. I feel so wonderful and I am speaking my truth! Thanks, Suzanne!”

Shannon M., Michigan

A Life-Changing Class

Intuitive Anatomy is a life-changing class where you get to explore the deepest depths of all that you are and make amazing changes! It is also a great opportunity for a practitioner to learn and grow and experience many new ways of working with people. I highly recommend this class and also would recommend taking any ThetaHealing class with Suzanne Dann Suzanne is a sweet, caring and compassionate being who has a heart of gold. She is a very wise, insightful and intuitive ThetaHealer who also has the gift of leadership. I am so grateful for Suzanne and all that she is. I have learned so much from her and she is truly a gem of a person.”

Teresa Boshears

Don’t Think Twice

“If you are considering taking the Intuitive Anatomy class with Suzanne Dann, don’t think twice. It is an amazing experience and worth every minute and every penny you will pay. This class really deepened the entire Theta experience for me and led me to become free of so many beliefs and issues that were keeping me restricted in my life. And Suzanne was amazingly gifted and so kind and gracious throughout, and she takes individual time with each participant. She was so gracious with the little extras for class, food,  and so giving of herself as well. This class will deepen and enrich your life in ways you don’t even expect. Thanks, Suzanne for all you are … full of grace and light.”

Kristine Gay, Madison, Wisconsin

A Remarkable Teacher

"Thank you, Suzanne, for being such a remarkable teacher. You are so kind, accepting, encouraging, insightful, deep and have clearly been doing your work. Your teaching style made learning a lot of fun and the material easy to access. The class was such a joy; deep, and profound. Thank you for making the Basic ThetaHealing Workshop an extraordinary weekend. I still hear your reassurance and kind words when I go into a theta healing so I know it is all easy and joyful … and it is!!"

Kelly M. Madison, WI

I Cannot Wait for the Next Class

"While taking the Basic ThetaHealing class with Suzanne, I mentioned that I had a fear of flying. I was scheduled to take a trip the following week in which I was scheduled to fly and was feeling quite nervous about it. My fear was quite severe and I would have nightmares regarding flying. During class, you worked on my fear of flying as an example of digging in fear work. I am happy to say that for the rest of the week leading up to my flight, I did not even think about flying. I did not experience any anxiety when flying was mentioned. When the time came to get on the plane, I had no problems at all. I was even able to enjoy the view from the window seat. Thank you, Suzanne! You were a wonderful instructor. I cannot wait for the next class."

Sandy Kessler, Iowa

Suzanne is a Wonderful Teacher

“Suzanne is a wonderful teacher. I took the Basic, Advanced and Manifesting class and found my own personal vibration increased greatly with each one. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her teaching and the material. I worked with two Theta Healing clients today and the information Suzanne taught me about beginning beliefs and ‘depression’ type beliefs to check for were HUGE!!! Both of those clients walked out of there in a much better space – so THANK YOU, SUZANNE, you are wonderful!”

Kathy, IL

Calming Strength

“I can best describe Theta healing® with Suzanne as the calm in a storm with the raging energies swirling and changing as new rebirths are created. Theta healing with Suzanne for me is a strengthening as old ways of thinking and beliefs are diminished and replaced with a calming strength in my new realities and beliefs and thoughts.”

Mari Morrison, Madison, WI

Can't Thank You Enough

“Thank you Suzanne for one of the most powerful feeling Theta sessions. I have had experience with this type of healing but only what I learned to help prepare for tonight. You are such a beautiful compassionate healer. I can’t thank you enough ... and I want to come and meet you and maybe work on something else soon. I am going to tell everyone I know how life changing a small amount of time felt to me. I feel so much less stress. Thank you and many blessings to you ♥ You are a treasure. I am so lucky to have just followed my instinct and made the appointment to begin with. Even though its sometimes hard to put yourself emotionally out there. I really learned some things about myself which is why I booked another appointment with you. I would recommend you completely without hesitation.”

J. Hill, California
Reiki Master

Amazing Way to Work on Core Issue

“I have been doing theta sessions with Suzanne for several months now, and it has been an amazing way to work on core issues quickly. Learning about Theta is life changing as you see how quickly it works. Suzanne is a compassionate healer who uses her gifts in addition to Theta to guide you to release old beliefs and embrace new ones. She is able to tune into your specific needs so that you can receive the maximum benefit. The sessions are remarkable and have made me feel very peaceful and light. The Theta meditations she has guided me through are wonderful! I am grateful to have found Suzanne and to learn Theta from her!”

Jackie from Delaware
Theta Healing Practitioner

A God-send, Literally

“Suzanne’s sessions I did on Weight Release has been a God-send, literally. Not only did I lose weight, I learned how to trust again. My weight gain was not about food. It was a crutch I used to disconnect from pain and sadness. Suzanne used theta healing to change my negative belief patterns and habits so that I now love, accept and trust myself for who I really am. I realize now that life is not about being a perfect size 6. It is about joy, happiness, and faith. And trust, in both myself and in others again. Thank you, Suzanne, from the bottom of my heart!!”

Ann Khanna Greenville, WI

Dramatic Change

“Thank you, Suzanne, for a wonderful 3-day class, you are a gifted healer and teacher with compassion, understanding, and patience. You presented the material with confidence and provided the individual support and encouragement that each of us needed. As for the ThetaHealing - I noticed a dramatic change in my hip and my chiropractor agreed; from his evaluation, the pelvic torsion that I’d had for 10 years is gone! I am so grateful, and look forward to taking more classes with you!”

Sunny Patel, NJ
Reiki Master Teacher

Grateful and Appreciative

“Wow, thanks so much for the theta session, that was amazing! I can still feel the energy working or I guess the integrating part taking place. I am glad that I was guided to your website. I am really pleased with what I experienced during the session. I also felt a lot of things leave. I feel different now but in a good way. I’m glad I was guided to this, in divine timing, so I could finally get help/assistance with the things I needed to work on from the source/origination of it, but which I had a hard time working on it on my own. I’m really grateful and appreciative of the session. THANKS SO MUCH!!!”

Lori Slocomb, Madison, WI
Theta Healing Practitioner

I highly recommend Suzanne!

“Suzanne is a compassionate and generous teacher and healer. I cannot express how much I enjoyed taking the Theta Healing® Basic DNA class with her. I personally benefited tremendously from her ability with the Creator to gently and sensitively heal past life traumas. For anyone who is looking for a gentle life transformation to begin practicing Theta Healing® for oneself and/or others I highly recommend Suzanne!”

Patty, Michigan

Absolutely Life-Changing

“All of my work with you has been absolutely life-changing. After SO many years of intense work trying to heal myself and using many modalities, and STILL suffering, I was hesitant to commit to one more thing. But I needed relief. The 7-day Power Workshop was a week of intense healing for me on so many levels- who knew all that was still left in me, and it didn’t end there- we did some very powerful work upon my return home. I love that you understand exactly where I am since you’ve been through so much of the same stuff yourself. I am fundamentally different and getting better every day. I wasn’t interested in using the technique with others; just wanted the self-healing, but I find that I use it several times a day with the animals (and myself!). I loved the relaxed atmosphere, that it flowed with whatever came up, as opposed to sticking to a set syllabus. It all evolved perfectly, and I would highly recommend the Power workshop to anyone ready for the next step in their evolvement.”

A very enthusiastic lady from Renata, Europe

I am Starting to Find Joy and Peace

“Discovering theta healing is something that revealed itself like a cleaning tornado in my life. It’s a very quick efficient way of healing many issues in one’s life. It did in mine, even so, I still have more things to heal. As important as the theta healing is the theta healing practitioner. I must say that Suzanne is a wonderfully compassionate and patient practitioner and that she really does a good job in finding the limiting beliefs.Since I have started working with Suzanne, my life is getting better and better and I am starting to find joy and peace, which for me is a great step forward. So thank you, Suzanne, for everything.”

C.J. Gilbert, Cazenovia, WI
Intuitive Animal Healer/Riding Coach

Suzanne Made Learning Fun and Easy

"I just participated in a Basic ThetaHealing Class with Suzanne Dann: I so enjoyed Suzanne’s ease with delivering the information which made learning Fun and Easy! If you’re looking for a transformational tool that works? Then you came to the right place ThetaHealing is truly the KEY and Suzanne is the Teacher to take you there."

Diane Everson, Edgerton, Wisconsin

ThetaHealing is a Miracle

"ThetaHealing is a miracle.  On Jan. ’09 I fell and was diagnosed with a torn rotary cuff.  The MRI showed also a previous injury and the muscle was completely detached from the bone.  After consultations with three different surgeons, it was decided surgery might not help me due to the severity and age of the injury.  I resigned myself to a life of very limited motion in my left arm.  I had read about ThetaHealing and wanted to try it.  Through one session with Suzanne, I have a complete rotation in my arm now.  It is a miracle."

Shannon M., Michigan

Contribution to the Whole Experience

"Thank you again for your contribution to the whole experience I just had in Wisconsin with the Basic Theta Healing Class and Soulmate Class. It was all such an amazing experience for me and I am really grateful for the opportunity and for you, especially."

S. Wilson, Kentucky

A Very Awesome Experience

"Wow ... when they say it's like turning a 100 watt bulb to a 500 watt bulb they were right. When you started I felt a surge of golden light energy in front of me. Then it entered my solar plexus area with a jolt of pure unconditional love. I have never felt real unconditional love. I've said it before, but never really felt it. I saw hundreds of angels in front of me. And so much love. Almost more then I could handle, it was a very awesome experience!"

Jane P., New London CT
Reiki Practitioner

You Are Such a Blessing

"Suzanne, your Reiki 2 manual is wonderful. I am tingling with energy just reading through it. WOW, thank you for such beautiful energy. I just received the Reiki 2 attunement from you over distance. Since contacting an almost fatal disease 10 years ago I've received many Reiki treatments and others and I have never felt the Divine energy you have. You are such a blessing. Thank you so much."

Anna E., Baton Rouge, LA
Reiki Practitioner

Amazing and Lovely

"Suzanne, It is nice to have a lovely soul who will show another soul the way and who is so generous with her time, help, and support. Your energy and attunements are amazing and lovely! I can't wait to take some more of the things you are offering. You're truly an angel...and a blessing to me. I look forward to many more of your attunements and courses soon."

J. Hill, California
Reiki Master

Offering lots of support to a distance healing newbie!

"When I first found Suzanne's website, I was so excited and amazed at the classes she offered. I could feel the positive energy of her website emanating from my screen. I knew right away there was much to learn there. Suzanne has been a caring, responsive, and informative teacher. It is always a joy to choose classes to take and see the new classes she offers every month. Her site is one of my favorites. Thank you, Suzanne for a beautiful site and offering lots of support to a distance healing newbie!"

Deanne Wanner, Canada

Thank you Suzanne for everything!

“Thank you for all of your hard work you have put into your manuals and attunements. It shines through and is greatly appreciated. You can feel the love and energy from Suzanne with each word. She helped me discover who I really am and what I have to offer.”