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Awakening to a Higher Truth

When and as we awaken, we are open to seeing deeper truths about ourself, humanity, the world, and others. Some people have a sudden awakening, for some it is gradual. Either way, you can’t go back to sleep.
Your soul gets ignited and you remember who you are and deeper truths about everything. At first, it may be shocking. A lot in this world is “hidden” through collective programming, indoctrination, following the crowd, education, and religion.
When we “wake up”, we see these hidden truths and how much is an illusion and not true. Much is upside down or opposite of what we were told or led to believe throughout our lives.  This continually plays out through mass media, collective consciousness, religion, education, advertisements, movies, books, peers, politics, and more.  All to keep us asleep and in the drama and illusion that we are separate and have much to fear.
Follow your heart, it knows the way, and your soul knows the higher truth of things. Follow your intuition, it is your GPS of knowledge and truth.  Even if it is confusing and shocking, follow it. That is what awakening is. It is not following the crowd, the collective thinking, the drama, the division, etc.
We slowly come to remember who we really are and why we came here.  We awaken from the slumber and our inner vision becomes razor sharp.  Our consciousness and vibration then raises and we “know” truth.
We are awakened to our higher self and higher truth to shift the energies in our life and the world.