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Living Your Life Purpose In Joy!

Do you feel that there is more to life that you haven’t yet tapped into?  Would you like to connect with your Life Purpose but are not sure how?  Would you like to live each day in joy, connected to your passion and purpose?  Many struggle with this.  I once did.  I knew I needed to leave my corporate job. I knew there was more.  I knew I was meant to be doing something else.  Fears and doubts set in.  What if I was wrong?  What if I couldn’t support myself?  What if I failed?  What would people think?  These were the ego doubts and fears that kept me hanging on to the security of my corporate position.

Then one day I took the leap.  I gathered up my courage and strength and made the leap to plan on my departure from the corporate world.  I set an end date. I saved a little money.  I focused on what I loved and gave me joy.  I did this part time before I left my job and enjoyed every minute of it.  What if I DID succeed at this?  What if I could connect to my life purpose and it was joyful and I could live in that state knowing I was doing what I came here to do?  What if?????  I decided to focus on this.

I think we all know, at least to some extent what our life purpose is.  It is what brings you joy, what uplifts you and you would do even if you didn’t earn money.  Sometimes I ask people to go back to their childhood and said, what did you love to do?  If you had no limits and could choose anything, what would it be?  Most people come up with something.

I believe we all came here with a “purpose”. It doesn’t have to be “big”.  It can be learning unconditional love, being of service in some way, helping animals, children, the elderly, the environment, etc.  We all have special gifts to share with the world that make us feel happy and joyful.


I offer a distance program on my website that can help you further with this and discovering your life purpose here:

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