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Alternative Healing Distance Courses & Retreats with Suzanne Dann

Accredited Programs

School of Sacred Healing Light is on-line distance learning school  accredited by the World Metaphysical Association and the American Council of Holistic Healers
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What this means is that I am accredited by these associations.  I certify you for any of the below programs that you choose to take upon completion of them and issue you a certificate by me as the teacher of them.  If you wish to be accredited yourself, you can apply to these associations or others for accreditation.

Below are programs that I wrote myself and added other attunement courses to for some of them for complete programs to become certified in.  You are certified to give sessions and healings for example as an Angel Healing Practitioner, or Animal Healing Practitioner, or Energy Healing Practitioner, and more.

accredited by ACHHINHAlogo-world-metaphysical

These are all distance programs that you can work through at your own pace.  I offer unlimited support with all programs you purchase.

Julie R., Florida

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

When I was finally ready to embark on a new energy and healing journey after my husband's stroke, I discovered your wonderful courses. It was definitely true for me that when the student is ready the teacher appears. I have been so impressed with the many offerings in all kinds of energy work that are available from your online school. Each of the courses that I have taken has affected me differently. Each attunement has been a special connection to the energies of that specific area. Each has increased and cumulatively intensified the energy that I have been able to use for self healing and healing with others. Working with you has been a joy! I am very thankful for your presence and ongoing support.

Anna E., Baton Rouge, LA
Reiki Practitioner

Amazing and Lovely

"Suzanne, It is nice to have a lovely soul who will show another soul the way and who is so generous with her time, help, and support. Your energy and attunements are amazing and lovely! I can't wait to take some more of the things you are offering. You're truly an angel...and a blessing to me. I look forward to many more of your attunements and courses soon."

J. Hill, California
Reiki Master

Offering lots of support to a distance healing newbie!

"When I first found Suzanne's website, I was so excited and amazed at the classes she offered. I could feel the positive energy of her website emanating from my screen. I knew right away there was much to learn there. Suzanne has been a caring, responsive, and informative teacher. It is always a joy to choose classes to take and see the new classes she offers every month. Her site is one of my favorites. Thank you, Suzanne for a beautiful site and offering lots of support to a distance healing newbie!"

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