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We Are Awakening….

From a “Light” Perspective the Planet is Awakening and Shifting very, very fast. The good news is that we can “shift” into higher thought forms, energies, dimensions, vibrations, frequencies, truth, etc. much faster than ever before! Meaning it doesn’t take weeks, months, years, to release what is no longer needed or serving us, it can happen quickly in days, hours, or even minutes.
This is different for everyone as we all have different bodies, purposes, paths, DNA, etc. I am not necessarily saying this is “easier”, although it could be, again, according to each individual. What has taken some of us “older souls” to release and work through (years, decades even) is now happening quickly because the veil is so thin and light codes and energies abound.
We have many beings of light and helpers from other dimensions and the “other side” always with us. You can call on them at any time, as well as your higher self, angels, guides, ascended masters, and your council of 12 light beings, which everyone has.
Yes, these are intense times, and exactly why we signed up to be here at this exact time in “human” history. If we can “remember” this, and why we came here, and our soul missions, coming from this perspective makes it a bit easier.  We are not going crazy or dying, although depending on the symptoms, it could feel like that at times.
We are experiencing Vibrations, Energies, and Frequencies we never have before on this Planet.  We are awakening.  We are Evolving.  We are Ascending.  It is all Good.