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Alternative Healing Distance Courses & Retreats with Suzanne Dann

Crystal Healing Practitioner Program



The following  Attunement courses are part of this program: Magickal Crystal Lightworker ProgramEthereal Crystals 1-9 and Ethereal Crystals 10-12, or if you have these you can choose the Gem Lovers 1, 2 and 3 instead. If you happen to have any of these other attunement courses already, you can exchange them for any other crystal attunement course on my site, I have many.  It is a wonderful program if you are drawn to crystals and want to learn how to use them and heal with them and incorporate them in your life and work with others!

You will receive by email a certificate upon completion of this program as a Crystal Healing Practitioner after completing all course work, attunements, final exam and case studies.  All manuals will be sent electronically and attunements will be sent over distance via the chi ball method.

The Crystal Healing Practitioner Manuals (there are 3 of them)  will include the following: (almost 200 pages)

  • working with crystals and how to use and select them
  • crystal healing, what is it and how does it work?
  • how to cleanse and program crystals
  • storing and displaying crystals
  • creating sacred space
  • meditating and visualizing with crystals
  • different kinds of quartz crystals
  • a list of some formation definitions of crystals
  • remote healing with crystals
  • selecting healing stones
  • chakra and color therapy with crystals
  • reiki healing with crystals
  • a list of stones good for healing and chakras
  • crystals in the home
  • crystal altars
  • codes and Atlantis and crystals
  • crystal grids and Reiki
  • making a crystal grid for healing or other things
  • alphabetical list of crystals and their uses and properties
  • gem elixirs and essences
  • becoming calm with crystals
  • crystal remedy reference

Also includes an adobe file of a listing of stones and their description and properties and a ebook of healing stones, descriptions and pictures, along with Angelic Moonstone Essence, Enchanted Tourmaline Essence, and Enchanted Tiger’s Eye Essence.




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